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Would you prefer to use Google Calendar?

Posted by on Tuesday, 6 December, 2011

All of our site instances come with a basic calendar. It’s not the greatest calendar int he world but it works well enough for those libraries that haven’t done an online calendar before. However, while working on their site Gibbon Public Library (who just went live this morning) asked if it would be possible to embed a Google Calendar instead. The answer, after a little bit of work was yes! So, if you’re interested in using Google Calendar instead of the one we’ve supplied just do the following:

  • Set up an account in Google Calendar if you haven’t already.
  • Let me know you’d like the Google Calendar plugin turned on for you site. Once I’ve done that for you…
  • Make your calendar public.
  • Copy the embed code for your calendar and paste into the HTML view of your Calendar page. (You can delete the {Calendar} code that’s already there.)
  • View your new calendar page in your Web browser. At this point you’ll probably need to return to the embed page in Google Calendar, tweak some settings (usually the width of your calendar to fit your template) and recopy the revised embed code.

As always, I’m happy to help if you need any assistance.