New Website

The merger of the Republican Valley Library System and the Meridian Library System was complete on December 31, 2014.

Please go to the new webpage for the Central Plains Library System at

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RVLS Holiday Hours

The RVLS Office will be closed this Wednesday-Friday, December 24-26.

Merry Christmas

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Group Puppet Order

Would you like to infuse extra excitement into your storytime? Add puppets to your routine and see the sparkle in the little ones’ eyes.

Folkmanis has more than 250 puppets of all sizes available. The company has been making the most innovative and engaging specialty puppets in the world since 1976, delighting imaginations and winning nearly every industry, child development, and kid-tested award – many repeatedly.

We will be placing a Central Plains Library System group order on Friday, January 30, 2015. If you would like to order puppets for your library, go to to see pictures and videos. Call the Hastings office (800-569-4961) for the details of our group pricing.

If you are planning to attend the CPLS Summer Reading Workshop in Cozad on January 23rd, you can place your order in person. We will bring the most current catalog and some samples for you to see. Otherwise, please call the Hastings office (800-569-4961) or email Kay at to order your puppets before January 30th. No payment is necessary until the puppets are delivered.

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January Display Ideas

Happy New Year!…or it will be in 27 days. Create a Happy New Year bulletin board featuring book covers as a way to encourage patrons to “Resolve to Read!” Then, after having read one of the featured books, take a photo of the patron with the book and add it to the bulletin board next to the cover.  Here are ten more display ideas to start 2015 off right.

International Brain Teaser Month
Challenge your patrons with puzzles that challenge the brain. They can be word, strategy, mechanical, electronic…anything that challenges the brain! This could be a great start to a makerspace.

National Hobby Month
National Hobby Month happens every January, just as the new year starts. Everyone has a hobby or interest, or something they enjoy doing in their leisure time. Open up the new year with this national month celebration and see if there’s something else in the world that might interest your patrons. Ask your patrons to share their hobbies through programming about photography, scrapbooking, stamp-collecting and any other hobby-related topics. Display books about activities that could turn into someone’s hobby.

National Train Your Dog Month
The fifth annual National Train Your Dog Month promotes training the family dog with everyday manners. Go to for training tips. Make posters with those tips and display them along with all your dog books. This might be a great opportunity for a family program!

National Science Fiction Day (January 2)
January 2nd is celebrated across the United States by thousands of science fiction fans. The date of January 2 was chosen as an “unofficial” national holiday as it corresponds with the birthdate of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Display Asimov’s books along with those written by Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke.

Fountain Pen Patented (January 6, 1890)
Celebrate the invention of the pen, an item that all of us use every day. Take this opportunity to give out pens with library information on them—name, telephone number, and website will be about all the pen can hold.

Appreciate a Dragon Day (January 16)
Encourage your patrons to investigate dragons in mythology and symbolism worldwide. Display a variety of books, tales, and myths that will bring dragons to life through reading.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 19, 2015)
Although Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, the federal holiday has been celebrated on the third Monday in January by Presidential Proclamation since 1986. Display your books and DVDs about the civil rights era along with biographies of Dr. King.

Healthy Weight Week (January 19-23, 2015)
Almost everyone struggles with weight issues at one time or another. Go to to find information about healthy living at any size. Display books and cookbooks that focus on health.

Penguin Awareness Day (January 20)
Penguins are a good winter topic. Find all your penguin books, puppets, and stuffed animals for a display in the children’s area.  Invite curious children to learn more about penguins at

Edison Patented the Incandescent Light (January 27, 1880)
This contribution of Thomas Edison changed life as we know it. Display your children’s non-fiction books about light along with light bulbs (or maybe just some pictures of light bulbs).

Follow me on Pinterest for even more display ideas.

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Creating Jeopardy-style Games

Have you ever wanted to create a Jeopardy-style game for your class or your teen club? This template from makes it easy. Just copy the template, make the changes to the categories, answers, and teams. Publish it and you are ready to go!

This You Tube video was made by Richard Byrne from This is a really terrific blog to follow to get all kinds of ideas about how to use technology in the classroom!

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December Display Ideas

Where did November go? I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is upon us and I have not sent out any display ideas for December! I hope you have all seen the RVLS Pinterest Boards. The “Displays for Libraries” board has more than 20 ideas for holiday and winter bulletin boards and book displays. My favorite is pictured below (you have to do something with those old encyclopedias) :

Book Christmas Tree

Since I know that most of you have decorated for the holidays, here are five ideas for small displays and passive programs for the month of December.

National Cookie Day (December 4)
This is a great time to find all of your picture books about cookies for a display in the children’s area. Cookie cookbooks are always popular during the holidays. You could host a cookie exchange or give away cookies at the circulation desk. You might fill a clear jar with mini cookies and have patrons guess how many are in the jar. The closest guess gets the jar and the cookies!

Melvil Dewey’s Birthday (December 10, 1851)
Melvil Dewey, an American librarian and educator, was born in upper New York state on December 10, 1851. Today, he is most widely remembered as the inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification. Go to for a fun, elementary level, quiz about Mr. Dewey’s system.

Santa Lucia Day (December 13)
Share Kirsten’s Surprise (American Girl series), by Janet Shaw, about a Swedish immigrant girl in 1854 Minnesota whose family celebrates Santa Lucia Day.

The Nutcracker Suite Premiered (December 18, 1892)
In 1892 Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker Suite premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia. Display books about the tale, along with a collection of nutcrackers. Play the music quietly for your patrons today.

Card Playing Day (December 28)
Make a sign and set it on a table along with a deck of cards. Encourage your patrons to take time to learn a new card game and play a hand or two of cards. Go to to find the rules for card games and tile games from around the world.

Happy Holidays!

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Regional Library Systems Changing

Dear RVLS Members,

We are nearing the time when there will be major changes to the Nebraska Regional Library Systems. We are going from 6 Systems to 4 Regions. Eight counties in the Republican Valley Library System will be moving to join other regions.

Since RVLS is a non-profit corporation, there are some legal matters involved in this change. You will receive a letter from our office asking you to vote on these actions. Each Library in the System is a member and one vote is allotted per library. The RVLS Board met in Holdrege last Friday, November 7, and voted to approve the Plan of Merger and the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation (which includes a name change for the corporation to Central Plains Library System).

Please mark your Ballot (printed on blue paper) and return it in the included self-addressed envelope by the deadline of December 15, 2014.

If you have any questions about the merger, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Denise Harders
Republican Valley Library System
2727 West 2nd Street, #233
Hastings, NE 68901

402.462.1974 (Fax)
800.569.4961 (Nebraska Toll-Free)
402.705.1409 (Cell)

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November Display Ideas

Only ten days until October is over! Daylight Saving Time ends November 2 and Thanksgiving is on November 27. Now is the time to get dried cornstalks to tie together. Add gourds, pumpkins, and a cornucopia for a beautiful autumn display outside the library’s front door. Here are 10 more display, program, and decorating ideas for November.

Thanksgiving Activities
Are you looking for Thanksgiving activities, recipes, games and projects for school-age kids? I just love Pinterest. Go to for more than 300 ideas.

Monopoly Board Game Released (November 5, 1935)
Parker Brothers released their first Monopoly Board Game. Over the years, there have been many versions of this popular pastime. Gather many different Monopoly games for a display—be sure to leave one out on the table for people to play. Schedule a teen Monopoly lock-in for a great “after hours” program.

Young Readers Day (November 11)
The second Tuesday of November is designated as Young Readers Day. It is a special day to recognize the joys and benefits of reading that was co-founded in 1989 by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. Celebrate by inviting adults and older students to read to younger ones. Make a display with read-aloud favorites.

Veterans Day (November 11)
Established in 1926, this holiday celebrates that at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month fighting ceased in World War I. Display books about military history to commemorate this day.

International Girls Day (November 14)
Media messages, cultural stereotypes and peers often tell girls that they have to look, act and be a certain way. With the slogan, “She Can Do Anything,” International Girls Day is a day to celebrate girls – all kinds of girls with all kinds of interests and abilities. It’s an opportunity to build confidence in girls and help them realize their potential. Set up a table with various books that appeal to girls. Go to for more ideas.

America Recycles Day (November 15)
America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Every year organizers promote recycling awareness, commitment and action. Go to for event ideas and materials. Display nonfiction books about recycling and trash in your children’s area.

National Geography Awareness Week (November 16-22)
Too many young Americans are unable to make effective decisions, understand geo-spatial issues, or even recognize their impacts as global citizens. National Geographic created Geography Awareness Week to raise awareness to this dangerous deficiency in American education and excite people about geography as both a discipline and as a part of everyday life.  Follow this link and click on Teaching Resources for activities and lessons. Prepare a display of books about other countries and the different ecosystems found around the world.

National Game and Puzzle Week (November 23-29)
Held during the week of Thanksgiving each year, National Game and Puzzle Week encourages family and friends to spend time together. The American Library Association’s youth division, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) website includes several reproducible games and puzzles that you can distribute.

Marc Brown’s Birthday (November 25, 1946)
Everybody loves Arthur! The creator of this series, Marc Brown, was born and grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. Arrange a display of Arthur books and activity sheets from You will have to keep refilling this display with books, because they will fly off the shelf!

Ed Young’s Birthday (November 28, 1931)
Ed Young has writing and illustrated many books for children, including the Caldecott Award Winner in 1989, Lon Po Po. Go to for a complete list of his titles. Display Young’s books with a poster about him in the children’s area.

Bonus Passive Program Idea: Monday, November 17 is Homemade Bread Day. Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. If you have a bread machine, why not bring it to the library and bake bread for your patrons to sample. Don’t forget the butter and jelly. (Let me know if you are going to do this—I will be glad to donate some homemade apple butter or white grape jam.)

Library Trivia: On November 14, 1732, the first salaried librarian in the United States, Louis Timothee, was hired. He worked for Benjamin Franklin at the Library Company of Philadelphia every Wednesday from two to three o’clock and every Saturday from ten to four. He was paid three pounds sterling every trimester.

Find even more ideas on my Pinterest page!

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RVLS Grant Winners

Congratulations to all the RVLS Grant Winners! The complete list is arranged alphabetically by town name. I am so excited about all the great programming and continuing education these grants will provide. Feel free to send pictures of the items you purchase, the programs you do, and the activities you participate in with the money from the Grants.

Town Library Project
Alma Hoesch Memorial Library To buy Legos, Lego accessories and books to encourage elementary age children to come to the library.
Arapahoe Arapahoe Public Library To buy furniture for their ‘teen space’ and to improve their kid friendly area with a train track
Axtell Axtell Community School To add comfy and creative lounge furniture to the school library
Axtell Axtell Public Library Bean bags, DVD player and play rug for story/music/art time for pre-school children
Beaver City Beaver City Public Library To purchase educational computer programs, chairs and cage bingo for the after school programming at the library
Benkelman Dundy County Library To purchase a reading rug for the children/young patrons area.
Blue Hill Blue Hill Public Library Continuing Education
Blue Hill Blue Hill Community School Kindle Unlimited Classroom and Amazon Fire TV to stream content to their classroom projectors
Cambridge Butler Memorial Library To purchase supplies for Summer Reading Program (2015)
Clay Center Clay Center Public Library To improve their Children’s area, with a rug, books, puzzles, and to buy supplies for their Summer Reading Program
Culbertson Culbertson Public Library To start a collection of bulletin board supplies to be used for promoting books pertaining to different themes, genres, holidays etc.
Curtis Klyte Burt Memorial Library To be used to join Overdrive.
Elwood Elwood Public Library Book sets to enhance the children’s section and to support their pre-school story hour
Fairfield Fairfield Public Library To purchase a rug and dorm chair for teens to use.
Franklin Franklin Public Library To bring in a speaker/entertainer for the Library’s 100 yrs. of service celebration, slated for Feb. 2015.
Grant Hastings Memorial Library To buy furnishings for youth area, such as area rug, bean bags, and storage shelf for games and puzzles.
Hastings Hastings High School To buy Legos to begin a Makerspace
Hastings Hastings Elementary Schools To develop an inviting place for students to read and learn, ie rugs, furniture and other items.
Hastings Perkins Library, Hastings College To fund a hands-on workshop for students with a guest speaker addressing how a search, with todays technology, can easily uncover a student’s personal life. In addition, the speaker will also give a campus-wide talk and it will be open to the community.
Hastings Hastings Public Library To purchase electronic items for Teen Tech Week – 1 Little Bits, Base Kit and 1 Deluxe kit and 1 Cloud Starter Kit)
Hayes Center Hayes Center Public Library To buy books and DVD’s to replace VHS movies for children and large print books for older citizens
Hildreth Hildreth Public Library To buy additional chairs for their new larger library
Holdrege Holdrege Area Public Library Continuing Education
Imperial Lied Imperial Public Library To purchase items to start a Lego after school program for children.
McCook McCook City Library To purchase a kid friendly display board to promote children’s programs
McCook Mid-Plains Community College Continuing Education
Minden Jensen Memorial Library To purchase items to enhance story time and outreach programs (carpet squares, puppets, flannel boards, music CDs and portable CE/MP3 player
Nelson Nelson Public Library Lego sets and books to promote their new Lego Club.
North Platte North Platte Public Library Programming -to bring back an author, performer and story teller.  This person was well liked on a previous visit.
North Platte Madison Middle School Library To buy 2015-2016 Golden Sower Intermediate and Young Adult level books for 250+ students.
Orleans C.B. Preston Memorial Library To purchase 2 vinyl banners, that promote the library, to be used in community parades. Also desire to buy board games, a Wii, and a beanbag for the library and help cover expenses for the Summer Reading Program.
Superior Superior Public Library To purchase puzzles, magnifying glass, prisms, wooden beads,  peg board etc. to create an activity center for children’s area.
Sutherland Maxine White Sutherland Public Library To purchase carpet and cushions for Story Time and Summer Reading
Wilcox Wilcox-Hildreth School To purchase an updated floor Globe for the elementary/high school media center.
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Special RVLS Hours

The RVLS Office will be open limited hours Wednesday and Thursday, October 8 & 9. Please call in the morning to reach Kay on those days. The Office will be closed on Friday, October 10 and Monday, October 13.

I will be at the NLA/NSLA Conference in South Sioux City the rest of the week, and the Office is closed on Monday due to it being Columbus Day.

Please feel free to leave messages or send email and we will get back to you as soon as possible starting on Tuesday, October 14.


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