Free Kindle E-Books

Lots of people have received new e-readers for Christmas. This means that that many people are also looking for new  e-books to download. Unfortunately, our library can’t afford to subscribe to Nebraska Overdrive.  However there are other ways to get free e-books. Many authors or publishers will give away free e-books  for a few days or less in order to create interest in their book. Your job is to find these books while they are free before they go back to being the normal price. I have accumulated a number of different websites that let you know about some of the best free books. Since I have a Kindle, all of the sites are for that format. However, many times when a book is free on Amazon, it is also free on Barnes and Noble or other sites.

fkb=free Kindle books

Free Christian e-books

E-Reader IQ

Amazon top 100 Free e-books

The hardest part about free e-books isn’t finding them. The hard part is finding time to read them all. 🙂

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