Get the Sargent Newspaper Archive Updated and Back Online

The Sargent Library is asking for your help to get the Sargent Newspaper archives back online and accessible to everyone.  After looking at different options, we have decided that the best solution is to have our newspapers hosted by Advantage Archives.

Currently, 25 other Nebraska libraries or communities have their newspaper archives on this website. The result is nice looking and professional. Here is an example from the Nebraska City Newspaper Archive. Advantage Archives

Once the archives are online again, people will be able to search the Sargent Newspapers from the years 1892 – 2004.

The cost to put the archive online is a one-time fee of $1000. In addition, it would be nice to update our archive to have the Sargent Leader digitized for the years 2005 – 2019. The cost to add these 15 years will be $1572.00.

Therefore, our goal is to raise $2572.00. (However, we will be able to put the newspapers online again as soon as we reach $1000.00.)

People can donate online by credit card by going to

If you prefer to mail in your donation, make your check out to “Friends of the Sargent Township Library” and mail to P. O. Box 476, Sargent, NE 68874

Donations to the Friends of the Sargent Township Library are tax deductible.

September 14, 1933

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