We have the fastest internet speed in the City of Sargent

The Sargent Library has recently upgraded to the fasted internet speed available for this area. Our download speed is now 50mbps (twice the local average speed), and our upload speed is 50mbps (10 times the local average speed)! We have obtained this upgrade due to a Cares Act Grant that will continue through May 31, 2021.

We hope our patrons enjoy the faster speed. You can come in to the library and use one of our computers, or you can access our free WiFi from your car parked outside. Your feedback will be needed for us to know if we should continue the faster speed after the grant period ends. Your feedback can be as simple as a quick note saying “I like it.”

This project is supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission

Sargent Newspapers are back online!

Great news! The Sargent newspapers are now back online and searchable! http://sargentleaderne.advantage-preservation.com/

This archive contains all of the newspapers up through the year 2004. Advantage Archives are currently working on digitizing the newspapers up through 2011. With an additional $570 in donations, we will be able to update our archive to the year 2019. If you would like to donate, you can do so online, or mail to:

Friends of the Sargent Township Library
P. O. Box 476
Sargent, NE 68874

Get the Sargent Newspaper Archive Updated and Back Online

The Sargent Library is asking for your help to get the Sargent Newspaper archives back online and accessible to everyone.  After looking at different options, we have decided that the best solution is to have our newspapers hosted by Advantage Archives.

Currently, 25 other Nebraska libraries or communities have their newspaper archives on this website. The result is nice looking and professional. Here is an example from the Nebraska City Newspaper Archive. Advantage Archives

Once the archives are online again, people will be able to search the Sargent Newspapers from the years 1892 – 2004.

The cost to put the archive online is a one-time fee of $1000. In addition, it would be nice to update our archive to have the Sargent Leader digitized for the years 2005 – 2019. The cost to add these 15 years will be $1572.00.

Therefore, our goal is to raise $2572.00. (However, we will be able to put the newspapers online again as soon as we reach $1000.00.)

People can donate online by credit card by going to Donorbox.org

If you prefer to mail in your donation, make your check out to “Friends of the Sargent Township Library” and mail to P. O. Box 476, Sargent, NE 68874

Donations to the Friends of the Sargent Township Library are tax deductible.

September 14, 1933

Library to check out books this Wednesday 4/1/20

Are you getting tired of only reading digital books? On Wednesday, April 1st, I will be at the library from 2:00 till 5:00 pm to check out books. No one will be allowed in the library, but I will take orders via email sargentlibrary@gmail.com or over the phone 308-527-4241 (leave a message if I’m not there). I will then place your books on the front step in a bag with your name on it.  You can send requests for specific books, or you can just give me a general request like “six picture books about animals” or “two Nora Roberts books”. All books should be returned to the drop box.  For your safety, all returned books will be quarantined for three days before they are placed back into circulation. Our book collection is now online and fully searchable. Sargent Township Library Catalog

Sargent Township Library card catalog

The Spanish Flu 1918

Here’s an interesting newspaper article from the Sargent Leader dated October 24, 1918. Notice how the article recommends people to “build up their powers of resistance” by taking Tanlac tonic. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1916, Tanlac is described as the “sky-rocket in the pyrotechnics of fakery”.

Free ebooks and audio books for all ages

Tumblebooks is offering free access for public libraries to several of its online book collections through Aug 31 due to the COVID-19 crisis. These collections include 1000s of popular books, and you don’t need a library card or authentication to access them. You can access all of the books immediately with no check outs or holds. Click a link below and start exploring.

K-6 children’s ebook database

K-6 math ebook database

7-12 ebook database

All ages audio book database

A huge collection of steamy Romance novels for the older crowd!

This is only a sample of the many books available.

Online Newspaper Access Temporarily Suspended

It has become necessary to remove the  Sargent Leader Newspaper Archive from online access.  It was being hosted by GoDaddy, and they claim the newspaper archive violates their terms and conditions. We disagree, but nevertheless, the newspaper archive has been taken offline for now. Hopefully it will be returned in the future.

You can still access and search past issues of the Sargent Leader on the library’s computers.


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