New Computers

Here at the Sargent Library we have 4 new computers thanks to a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant. This is exciting for our community because it means that we now have 6 computers for the public to use. As more and more business is transacted online, it becomes essential that everyone have access to the internet. Now that the library has a sufficient number of computers, there should never be any wait time. You won’t have to worry that someone else will come in and make you get off the computer. You can work all day without any interruptions. Be sure to stop in and try out the new computers. Remember, we also have black & white and color laser printers. If you need help setting up an email account or just general help with using a computer, the librarian is always here to help you.

It’s Good to Be Back

I have been sick for the past week, and it feels good to be back at the library today.  Thanks to Jess and Joann for taking over for me. They did a good job.  I’ve just unpacked 11 new books. It may take a few days to get them processed and on the shelf, but they look like some good ones.

New Books in August

The Eighty Dollar Champion – Elizabeth Letts
In the Garden of Beasts  –  Erik Larson
A Stolen Life – Jaycee Dugard
Happy Birthday  –  Danielle Steel
Escape   – Barbara Delinsky
Save Me  Lisa Scottoline
One Summer  – David Baldacci
Carte Blanche 007 – Jeffery Deaver
Fallen – Karin Slaughter
Bel-Air Dead –  Stuart Woods
Sixteen Brides – Stephanie Grace Whitson
The Silent Girl  Tess Gerritsen
Sisterhood Everlasting  Ann Brashares
Split Second  –  Catherine Coulter
Shelter  Harlan Coben

Sargent Area Homesteaders

Here’s a famous picture taken by Solomon Butcher of the Sylvester Rawding family.  The image is deceiving because it appears that the cow is standing on the roof of the house.  Apparently Sylvester Rawding was also a deceiver and an expert at tall tales. Mr. Rawding claimed that a large bump on his head was from a Civil war bullet lodged in his forehead. You can read the rest of his story at the Nebraska Historical Society’s website.

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