School Librarians in the Digital Age in Lincoln on June 7

For the fourth year in a row, “School Librarians in the Digital Age” will be cosponsored by the Nebraska School Librarians Association and SELS. This year the location will be Room 101 at the new Don Clifton Professional Learning Center. Address: 710 Hill Street, Lincoln, NE. The room will open for registrants at 8:45 am, the event will begin at 9:00 am, and we will be done by 12:00 pm.

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For information about the individual sessions, including descriptions, please keep reading.

9 am Gavin Flint
Virtual Reality in the School Library
In this presentation that is both informational and hands on, “Virtual Reality in the School Library” looks at current trends and technology involving virtual reality/mixed reality and how it can be utilized in the library and school.

10 am Crystal Hurt
OER for School Librarians
Open Education Resources (OER) are paving the way for equity and access to high quality instructional materials. This interactive session will provide participants with an overview of Creative Commons licensing that allows OER materials to be reused, remixed, redistributed, revised, and retained. Participants will then dig into high-quality OER instructional materials. Finally, participants will be introduced to the Nebraska OER Commons Hub and invited to join the Nebraska School Librarians Group within the Hub. Launched in the Spring of 2018, the Nebraska OER Commons Hub allows educators to create, share, and collaborate. Building your PLN in the open resource world begins here!

11 am Kristen Evans
There’s a Choice Board for that….well maybe not, but I can make one!
Explore what a choice board is and how you can incorporate it (quickly) into your lessons. Through this presentation, I will share what a choice board is, how you can use them in your lesson, and ways to create your own.

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