Recording Made Available for “Marketing Your Library With Canva”

For those who wanted to attend the Zoom workshop on May 14 but were not able to be present, here is the link to the recording. The group sessions and break have been edited out, so the overall length of the recording is about 1 1/2 hours. 

Here are the links to everything that was covered in the workshop:
 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Amanda at, or Tessa at
We heard great things from workshop participants! Thanks to Amanda and Tessa for their excellent work, and for agreeing to present this material!

Big Talk from Small Libraries

Seward Memorial LibrarySeward Memorial Library is hosting a showing of the Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference on February 26, 2016 between 8:45 and and 5:00 pm. You could watch from your desk (in that case go to the official registration page). Or you can join with others in watching the conference. If you register here you will help give us a count for those expected to attend at Seward Memorial Library. Bring your lunch and favorite snacks, or chip in for pizza.

Also, if another library in a different part of the system would like to host a showing, go for it!