New Policy Information

The Seward Library Board, in an effort to better protect all library accounts, has adopted new policies regarding issuance and use of library cards. Included in the change is that only individual cards will be issued after April 1, 2017. Please read through the questions below for help in understanding what this new policy means. If you have a question that is not answered on this page please call the library at 402-643-3318.

If your family account already has a photo in our system you can continue to use your family account until it expires. (All accounts expire every two years so that we can verify current contact information.) If your family account does not yet have a photo in our system you will need to switch to individual accounts now.
Children ages 8-16 who come to the library to check out items without a parent present will need to have their own individual accounts. They cannot use their parent’s account to check items out without that parent present. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application form to set up an individual account for a child ages 8-16. Because children who are age seven and younger must be supervised by a person age 13 or older while in the library, individual accounts will not be issued to children under age 8.
A child 8-16 years old is able to check out items without a parent, using their own account that a parent or legal guardian has signed for. Any child younger than 8, who will be checking out items with an adult other than a parent (i.e.: babysitter or grandparent), MUST be included in the photo on the responsible parent’s account.
Family members living at the same address will have individual accounts that are linked on the circulation computer system. Only one fee will need to be paid for all linked non-resident accounts.
Yes. All individual accounts of family members living at the same address (adult/spouse/child/other legal ward) WILL be connected on the circulation computer system. If one account is restricted, all related accounts will be restricted and any fines accrued will show on all accounts.
If you are unable to physically come to the library to pick up a reserved item, only members of your immediate family (living at the same address) that are linked to your account on the library circulation system will be able to pick up those items. If you wish for someone else to pick up a reserved item, you must call the library each time to give permission for this to happen. You may not give permission for others to use your account for checking out, but only to pick up reserved items. Violation of this policy may result in suspension of your account.

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