Oceans and Seas and Jellyfish, Oh My!

IMG_1675IMG_1679IMG_1673IMG_1682IMG_1672What a GREAT day we had today!  We ‘explored’ the Oceans and Seas by reading Nicola Davies’ book of the same name.  We talked about coral reefs, sea birds, ocean mammals, and what makes tides and waves.  We made our own colorful jellyfish, and talked about two very different jellyfish, the ENORMOUS  Portuguese Man O’ War (tentacles can reach over 165 feet!!!) and Australia’s boxed jellyfish (only 2/10 of an inch big!) which is claimed to be the most venomous marine animal known to mankind!  We had fun being our own ocean running back (tide out) and forth (tide in) with our jellyfish and had the perfect snack provided by Jesseca Hultgren (thanks again!).  I brought in some sea shells from my travels and today, for the first time this month, EVERYONE got their prize for returning the science sheet we sent home last week!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I’m so proud of all of you.  So to my avid summer readers: Isabel and Oliver Belina, Danielle Haas, Connor and Cooper Kreikemeier, Ava Rose Phelps, Owen Schnoor, Stuart and Braxton Wisnieski; and to Ryan Besmer, Chelsea Greenfield, and Nora Metschke…THANK YOU!  I have had a wonderful time this month with you, and I hope you have had fun at the library this month! Until next time, happy reading!

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