Snyder Book Club, Blind Dates, and FUN!

Book Club PicWhat a HOOT this group is!!!  If you’re looking to interact with others who love a variety of books, just come to the library on the 4th Monday of each month at 7 p.m.  They just finished reading The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow and have now started Birdbaths and Paper Cranes by nationally syndicated columnist Sharon Randall.  No topic is safe!  Regardless of your age or favorite genre, give us a try!

heartAlso, I’ve extended our “Blind Date with a Book” until the end of March.  We’ve been closed a couple of days for weather (and we may be tomorrow night depending on how it goes) so to give everyone a chance to go on a  ‘blind date’, we’ll be running the event through the end of March.  Don’t judge a book by its covered cover!  Come see what surprises await you in these little brown wrappers!  There is (if I say so myself) a very nice prize for the winner of the 5 April drawing!


hamguyAnd finally, finally!  It’s here, it’s here!  The party to bring you lots of cheer!  Come to the Snyder Auditorium on 3 March for a Dr. Seuss PAJAMA PARTY!!  That’s right!  Wear your pajamas and bring a pillow!!  We’ll have great snacks, games, and OF COURSE a Dr. Seuss story for all!  THE LIBRARY WILL  CLOSE AT 5 P.M. on 3 March in order to set up for the party.  We’ll kick off at 6 o’clock sharp and we’ll go til 7:30.  Plan on a great time courtesy of YOUR Snyder Library!  Happy reading and stay warm!

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