Our Party!

IMG_2477Great turn out folks!  We had tons of food and a great time celebrating National Library Week and our 1 year anniversary. Mayor Joel Hunke was here to open our event, and Anneka Ramirez, the new Director of the Three Rivers Library System (under which we fall),  gave us a surprise visit as well!  Our Library Board President, Marlene Snell, had great words to say about National Library Week; about the opportunities one has at IMG_2479a library all for free!  Here you can discover worlds outside your home and community or learn about your neighboring communities.  Here you can explore the furthest reaches of the galaxies or the infinitesimal world of insects. There is no limit to what you can discover all for free right here!   You can use the computers and Wi-Fi; watch a movie, and check your e-mail.  You can apply for a job, look up recipes, or find when and what plants IMG_2476to grow for our area.  Our little library started out with 42 patrons and now we have 115; we started with no movies to loan, and now have over 150!  There are books galore here with more coming every month….AND I take requests!  🙂   So much to do, so much to learn, and all in a great environment for adults and children alike.  For our grand finale to an evening of great food and friendship, we awarded our Blind Date with a Book prize to Chelsea Greenfield; Chelsea’s name was drawn from all the participants but as with all events, only one prize could be awarded.  Next year we will have a Spring Fling (same premise), with another great prize!  All in all, it was a great night for the library and hopefully for you, too!  Hope to see you soon at your Snyder Library!

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