Happy New Year!

fireworks clipartI hope everyone had a spectacular and safe New Year celebration.  As we welcome in the new year, look back at your year – what would you change, how can you grow, how can you be a better you in 2016?  I do the same thing for our library…what can we change, how can we grow, and how can we be a better library this year?  As your librarian, what can I do for you this year?  Stop by if you need specialty books, text books, or have a favorite movie you think others would enjoy.  I’m looking ahead to our Dr. Seuss birthday party and the “Spring Fling” in March; National Library Week events in April, and of course our Summer Reading Program in July!  So many ways we can improve and grow in 2016 – so come share your ideas with us, and let’s all make this a Great New Year for your Snyder Library!

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