Summer Reading Concludes

Well folks, it was a heck of a trip! Sixteen eager summer readers ‘traveled’ from Snyder, NE, to Ancient Greece, to Rio de Janeiro as we explored the beginnings of the Olympics to present day. We wrapped up our reading program with a pizza party featuring Rainbow Trout the Clown, and her helpers Janie Jellybean and Tuxedo, the trick-performing dog! We had some great adventures this year but the real adventure was the reading; and boy did we have some readers. All in all, the children read a total of 169 books totaling more than 2,000 pages!   Our runner up to the most books read over the month was Nyome Harding with 33 books – she received movie theater tickets and a value pack snack from the West Point movie theater. Our winner this year, with a whopping 45 books was Danielle Haas, who received not only the movie tickets, but a Disney’s “Frozen” craft.   We had other prize recipients as well; our Best Sharer award went to Olivia Throener, Most Courteous was Jacob Lass, All Ears was Ava Hultgren and Most Enthusiastic was Addison McAtee.   As with all programs of this size and caliber, the work isn’t completed by just one person. I would like to extend a huge thanks to the following: Marlene Snell, Doris Laird, Connie Kaup, Jesseca Hultgren, Jane Zimmerman, and Arlene Heimann – without them, the program would not have been half as successful! Also a grateful acknowledgement to our staff of Teen Helpers: Victor and Noemi Zamora, Grace and April Kreikemeier, Livia and Marissa Hunke, Alex Nuno, and Kate Beale – thanks for your help, guys – we couldn’t have done it without you! And of course, it takes money to put on a program of this size and to be able to give gifts to our readers – I would like to thank the Snyder Community Foundation, Hunke Manufacturing, Countryside Salon of Scribner, and Mrs. Jane Zimmerman for monetary donations. I would also like to thank Dairy Queen of Fremont, Runza, and McDonalds of West Point, and the Dodge County Agricultural Society for providing gifts to our readers. If I’ve neglected to mention someone I do apologize and please call the library and let me know! Now, take a look at some pictures and see what a motivated group we had!


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