Hauntingly Good Fun!


What a great time we had with the Halloween Traditions!  Between Story Time and our annual Halloween Party, I think we covered all the bases.  Huge variety in the costumes this year, and they brought their Halloween spirit along with their appetites!  Our First- and second-place winners in this year’s Costume Contest were:  Ages 0 – 3, Edyn Besmer and Adalynn Renter; Ages 4 – 7, Allyanna Besmer and Liam Carstens; and Ages 8-12 were Ivan Collazo and Ava Rose Hultgren. Thanks again for a great turnout!  A huge thank you to the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department for providing the cookies for decorating; all our volunteers for set up and manning the games, and of course a HUGE thank you to the Snyder Library Board (Marlene Snell, Doris Laird, Connie Kaup, Jesseca Hultgren, and Jane Zimmerman) for putting this all together.











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