Summer Reading Send Off!

It was an exceptional 4th week and finale for us – my apologies for taking so long to post about it!  Our special treat this year was the Henry Doorly Zoo!  Gabby brought along a friend, Bandit, and we learned so much about different sorts of animals and how we can help their environment…which in turn (OF COURSE!) helps us humans in the long run. Everyone had a great time learning about the migration of Monarch butterflies (as beautifully demonstrated below by Madelyn Belina) flamingos, sea turtle, tigers, sharks, and oh – so much more!  Even the adults had fun with Gabby’s ‘treasure box of goodies’ which just proves that one is never too old to learn.  🙂  Then it was to the FINAL STAGE of Marvin’s Garden – laying the beautiful brown mulch to help protect our plants.  See what you make of it!  Enjoy the pictures and prepare for the next post to contain ALL the thank yous!  It is quite an extensive list, as you can imagine, for a huge undertaking. We can all take a breath now, but not for long – changes are coming to our little library and YOU’VE had a hand it it!  See you soon, at your Snyder Library!


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