I owe you a huge apology; I can’t believe I haven’t posted to you since Thanksgiving!  So much has happened in and out of our little library.  Our makeover is gorgeous and we’re not done!  We asked for and received the balance of the money that was raised for a new library almost 15 years ago.  With part of that money you’ll see new bookcases in a few weeks; and if you want to know see how your donations and taxes are being spent, please stop by the library during normal opening hours and I’ll be glad to show you!  Remember this is your library – what can we do to make it better for you?

With winter breathing down the backs of our coats what better way to keep warm than to curl up with a good book?  We get new books and movies every month – stop by and let me know what you’d like to read.   Come on in to a warm, inviting library – settle in and catch upon local news with the five newspapers we have, or look up new recipes in our many magazines.  Long for more refinement?  We have National Geographic and Smithsonian here to get the gray matter working!  So Many Options for you!

But as a reminder, if you’re planning to come see us and the weather is nasty outside, please call the library first before you set out just to make sure we’re here; our number is posted to the right.   Remember, this is your Snyder library – let us know how we can serve you better!

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