May is Here!

Hey, all! Liz the Librarian here with the Snyder Public Library’s (hopefully) monthly blog!

Yay, May is finally here! It’s not cold! Let’s hope it sticks this time. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming.. on days like these, patrons like you.. should come on down to the library and check out a book or two! We’ve got plenty of books for you to choose from, with all kinds of genres and age levels to go through, and we also have lots of movies for you to look at! And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, I can order a book from another library with the InterLibrary Loan feature we offer, free of charge! You’d get it for a whole month! We also have computers for you to use, newspapers and magazines for you to read, and Wi-Fi. There’s all kinds of things for you to do at your local library, come check it out!

I’m also going to be holding my first event this month! On Mother’s Day, I will have crafts available in the library for children and their mothers/mother figures to do, and snacks for them to eat! We will also have storytime, where I’ll read books while everyone listens and works on their projects! I hope you can make it! I will be trying to do something similar for Father’s Day, as well.

I am still graciously accepting supplies and donations for this year’s Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock! We still need stuff to make instruments with (mainly for drums), smallish rocks with at least one flat side to write on, and if you’re musically inclined and would like to come play or perform for the kids, that would be awesome! The programs will be on Thursdays in July, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, so just let me know when you’d like to come to either talk to the kids, perform, or even volunteer and help out! I hope to have packets and sign up sheets ready here soon, but please bear with me, as I have never done a Summer Reading Program on my own before. Thank goodness I have an amazing library board and wonderful patrons to help and make everything a little easier on me!

That’s it from me for now. Thank you for everything you do, because without you, libraries would not exist! I hope to see you at our events, programs, or just inside the library sometime!

Have an amazing month!!!

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