FALLing for Books

Hello, all! Liz the Librarian here. We’re already coming into the final stretch of the year! Where did all that time go??

Our clubs are doing great! There was a bit of a lull during the summer, and then we didn’t have any at all during July, but they’re picking back up again.

I wanted to let everyone know all at once: Chess Club and Board Game Night will never change. Chess Club is my personal love and will never leave as long as I’m here, and Board Game Night is just too much fun (and everyone’s favorite, so far) to ever let go. That being said, the first Chess Club in August didn’t have any attendees, and the first one this month only had three, but we had a great game going! We will continue it at the next Chess Club, which is on October 2nd.

The five attendees playing Bingo – while library board member Connie Kaup calls out the numbers

Our new Bingo Club has already been a hit! It was a hit before we even had it! We had our first adult patrons come to a club night, all because of Bingo. The next one is THIS Wednesday, September 11th. For every bingo you get, you get to pick a prize out of the prize box (I have one for kids AND one for adults now!), and we will have snacks and drinks there for you while you play! We try to do a theme for each one: the first one was ‘School Days’, and this one might be pirate-themed, since September 11th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (thanks, Pete the Cat)!

For the Gym Day in August, we had SIX patrons come! That’s the highest number that day has ever had, so far. We played tag, Red Light Green Light, basketball, and all kinds of fun games! Come join us for the next one, next week on September 18th!

Board Game Night is the favorite and has been for a while, with five patrons showing up for the one in August! We played a new ship/dice game I had heard of, UNO, cards, Connect Four, and many more! We’ve got a great selection of games now, thanks to many wonderful donations! Thank you all so much!!

15+ games and counting!

Don’t forget about our annual shindig on Halloween night – our Halloween Party!! There will be a costume contest, food and drink, and games!! If you’ve got ideas, decor/games/stuff to donate, or want to donate your time and help us decorate and run the party, please let me know!! We would LOVE to have your help!
More details on the party coming in next month’s blog!

The library board and I are also working on a new project for the the library! Stay tuned!

We hope to see you in YOUR local Snyder Public Library soon!

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