Turning the Page to a New Year

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the new year! We’re going to make it a great one, right? Of course we are! πŸ™‚
(WordPress has changed, and I am unable to upload pictures at the moment πŸ™ good thing we made a Facebook!)

The Patron Only Party went wonderfully! We had over 30 people attend, and almost all of the food was consumed – the remainder of it was donated. Everyone had a great time talking and eating and looking over our amazing little library! Thank you so much to everyone who came, to anyone who has ever donated anything, and to every single one of you patrons who make our library great! We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Last month, we only had two Club Nights, but they both were hopping with activity! Gym Day had six attendees, and we played kickball and basketball the whole hour. BINGO Night in December had seven attendees, and the BINGO Night today also had seven attendees! Almost everyone always gets a BINGO, and with every BINGO, you get a prize! It remains our patrons’ favorite Club Night so far, with Board Game Night and Gym Day close behind and both vying for second place. Please remember that every single Club Night is open to patrons of ALL ages, and you are always more than welcome to join us!

My library board ladies and I are going to be starting up a new event soon – I will add details for that as they come together. We also have a young patron named Viva who wants to start doing learning lectures about her home country, Thailand! More details on that as it develops, as well. I will update this post and make posts on our new Facebook about the new programs as they come along! We still have our weekly Club Nights and lots of awesome things for you to do at our little library! πŸ™‚

Make sure to check out our policy – we have changed a few things. Patrons 17 and under can now read off their fines, and fines have been lowered to 10 cents a day. We wanted to make it so it’s hard for a patron to accumulate a fine at all, and we want to work with our patrons more about it. Full details are outlined in our policy! I’m also handing hard copies of it out at the library if you would rather read it on paper! Thank you!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, and I hope to see you here at YOUR Snyder Public Library soon! <3

This is Liz the Librarian, signing off.

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