Closed Until April

Due to concerns with COVID-19 and public safety, the Snyder Public Library will be closed for the rest of March. We thought about staying open to continue providing services to the community, but have been advised to close.
(If this ends up changing anytime soon, I will make another announcement.)

There will be no club nights for the rest of March.

There will be no late fees for the rest of March, and anything checked out currently has had its due date extended to April 1st. Yes, even movies!

If you would like to check out books and/or movies to keep yourself and your family entertained during quarantine, you may do so. Please just call the library first before setting out; I will still be in from time to time doing work, and can let one or two patrons in at a time to check materials out. But since we won’t officially be open, I cannot guarantee I will be there during regular hours.
The library’s phone number is 402-568-2570, but if you message the Facebook page ( ), I will be able to respond almost immediately, at any time.

I will work with you all to the best of my abilities!

We are so sad to be closing, but hopefully this will all be over soon. We will continue posting updates as we receive them.

Stay safe, and keep on reading! 😊

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