Home Delivery

South Sioux City Public Library will provide free delivery of library items to individual library patrons
who are no longer physically able to make it to the library in person.

Home Delivery Policy


-The South Sioux City Public Library will provide delivery and pick up services to individuals who are library patrons, homebound, and not able to physically come to the library.


-Home deliveries and pick-ups will be on the same day every week within a two-hour period on that day. (For example: Thursdays from 4pm-6pm.) Due to the demand of delivery, we request that patrons have their items ready for pick up during the appointed time frame.


-Deliveries will be made in a fabric bag with an attached tag containing the patron’s name and address.
-Each delivery will contain the requested items and/or items picked out for the patron by a librarian.
-“Talk to the Librarian” bookmarks will be placed in each bag at checkout to help provide better service.
-Patrons must place returning items in the designated library delivery bag and have it ready for pick up in order to receive their new items on delivery day.
-Patrons will not receive more items than they have returned if they have reached their limit of checked out items.
-Home Delivery is only available to patrons that are homebound on either short or long term status.

Loan Period

-All items will be checked out for the same time periods as allowed for all library patrons, I.E. one week for DVDs, two weeks for magazines, CDs and books on CD, and three weeks for books.
-Patrons are responsible for keeping track of loans and placing items to be returned in their designated bag for pick up. This should be done before, or on the day of, the return dates on the materials.


-There will be no late fines for home delivery items.
-Patrons who request to hold onto their items longer than the checkout period must call, email, or otherwise contact the library beforehand for renewal.

Replacement Fees

-Items that are lost or damaged will need to be paid for before any additional deliveries are made. The cost of the replacements is based on the cost of the items, and it will need to be arranged by phone for pick up.

Items Available

-All items that are available for checkout within the library are available for checkout through home delivery with the following limitations: (A total of five items at a time.)
-DVD – limited to two at a time. These items are not renewable with this program (due to high demand) and must be returned at next pick up/drop-off date.
-Magazines (current issues are not available for checkout.)
-Non-fiction Books (Nebraska and Reference designated items are not available for checkout.)
-Large Print Books
-Fiction Books
-New Books
-Books on CD

Patron Eligibility 

-Anyone in the community who cannot physically come to the library may apply for home delivery. 
-Applications can be filled out online, downloaded and emailed, mailed in, or filled out over the phone with one of our librarians.
-Filling out an application is not a guarantee of approval.
-A current library card is needed. If the applicant is not a current card holder, they may sign up for a card virtually on our website, by phone, or by email. Proof of address can be provided by email or shown during the initial home delivery.
-Patrons will be notified of approval, and asked to fill out a registration form (online, email, mail, or over the phone) and return it to the library before initial delivery.

Requesting Materials

-Patrons may request items to be placed on hold and be delivered by phone, email, or by placing their items on hold online.
-Patrons may request that a librarian pick out their items if they do not have specific items in mind.

Delivery Guide Lines

In-person delivery

-Requires the patron to be home and answer the door to receive their items for both pick up and drop off. Any in-person delivery will be made by the librarian, who will knock at front door and wait no less than one minute and no more than two minutes for pick up or drop off before continuing on the delivery schedule.

Non-contact delivery

-Patrons will place their items for pick up in their library bag outside next to their door. These will be switched with a new bag with their requested items. If items are not present, the drop off will not be made.

Librarian Expectations

-A designated library employee will be making all deliveries and/or pick up’s.
-The librarian will be respectful and courteous when making pick up’s and deliveries.
-Library employees are not permitted to enter the patron’s home, no matter the circumstance.
-The librarian is not responsible for keeping track of the patron’s items once they have been delivered.
-No delivery will be made without returns after the initial drop off.
-The librarian will make a non-contact delivery and pick up unless requested otherwise.

Patron Expectations

-Patrons are expected to return all items in the condition they were delivered in, any item not returned as such will result in damage or replacement fees.
-Patrons are expected to be fully clothed and respectful when items are being dropped off or picked up.
-Patrons are expected to have items ready for pick up, or notify the library that pick up is not necessary.
-If items are renewed, they will be picked up the next delivery day.
-Patrons who request in-person delivery will need to be home, and answer the door within two minutes to receive their items


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