Resume Review Fridays from 1-2pm

The South Sioux City Public Library is now offering free one-on-one assistance with formatting, developing, and polishing resumes. Every Friday, from 1-2:00PM, in one of the library’s group study rooms, Kristin shows one lucky patron how to use Peterson’s handy test and career prep database to help them create their own resume.

Kristin begins her program by having each patron fill out an action plan regarding the job they are interested in applying for. This is so you and Kristin can understand why the job you are applying for is appealing to you, whether it is a good fit for you, and what types of skills you should include on your resume. Next, Kristin teaches you that Peterson’s test and career prep database can also be used to find a job, create cover letters, get ready for a job interview, and prepare for various vocational exams. All you will need is your own library card to access Peterson’s database in the library, at home, or any place that has Wi-Fi access.

Upon request, Kristin will provide a resume sample and a brochure full of helpful tips on how to develop and improve your resume.

To schedule an appointment with Kristin, please call 402-494-7545 and ask for Kristin or email us at with the subject line as Attention Kristin.

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