Did You Know That The Spalding Public Library Has A Wide Variety Of Adult Western Books In Its Collection?

A great many readers love westerns.  People all around the world like to read books that help them identify with the Indian fighters on the frontier, the homesteader on his farm, the cowboy, or the gunslinger in the Old West.

Included in our library’s western collection are books about American history, the Old West, and the western frontier, as well as contemporary western fiction novels.  Here is a list of recently donated western book titles that have been added to the library’s collection:


The Kincaids Series by Taylor Brady:

“Prairie Thunder”- Book #2

“Mountain Fury”- Book #3

“Western Winds”- Book #4


Franklin Carter Book Series:

“Rails West”-Book #1

“Nebraska Crossing”-Book #2

“Wyoming Territory”- Book #3

“Sierra Passage”- Book #4


Jake Logan- “Nevada Gunmen”

Jake Logan- “Slocum’s Warpath”

Lucia St. Clair Robson- “Ride The Wind”

Judd Cole- “Vision Quest”

Elmer Kelton- “Dark Thicket”

Kerry Newcomb- “Scalpdancers”


The Australians Series by William Stuart Long:

“The Colonists”- Book #6

“The Gallant”- Book #8


Susan Tanner- “Winds Across Texas”

Win Blevins- “The High Missouri”-(Rivers West Series)

Suzann Ledbetter- “Pure Justice”


There are even more western books available to borrow as ebooks and audio books through the library’s website. Stop by the library and learn how you can easily access these books using your personal digital device and a library card number.


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