Nuckolls County Newspaper Project

What is the Newspaper Digitizing Project?
Nelson and Superior Libraries are working on a project that will take all of the Nuckolls County newspapers and digitize them from microfilm into a computer program, and makes them keyword searchable.
There are 250+ reels from 13 different newspapers dating back to 1884.  As of now the only newspapers outside of the State Historical Society (in Lincoln) are the Superior papers and most of the Nelson papers.
Sampling of Reels and how it works.
The libraries have 6 reels of film digitized and available to be searched from a webpage set up for this project. The newspapers that are searchable for this first step in our project are:
Nelson Gazette  1924-1927
Superior Express 1966-1969
Hardy Herald 1892-1900
Oak News 1897-1904
Ruskin Leader 1903-1905
There are four ways of reaching this website:, Or, Or, Or our QR code.



The program is very easy to use. Type in to search for a name, place, event, newspaper title, or look by year.  The search “hits” will be highlighted on the newspaper page. You can then download, upload, print, or e-mail.
The list of the newspapers in Nuckolls County to be digitized are:

Cadam Progress                    1 reel
Hardy Herald                        19 reels
Lawrence Enterprise          1 reel
Lawrence Locomotive        31 reels
Nelson Gazette                       58 reels
Nuckolls County Herald     17 reels
The Oak Leaf                            5 reels
The Weekly Tribune           
1 reel
Ruskin Leader                      12 reels
Superior Weekly Journal- Superior Sun – Superior Daily Journal–
Superior Express
Feb. 28,1888-12/30/2017    107 reels
If you want to donate:
Any size donation to this project would be greatly appreciated. You can donate to either the Superior Foundation or to the Nuckolls County Foundation/Nelson Library.
“Adopt a Reel” is  where you can adopt (purchase) one or more reels of film of your choice. Your name will be placed on our newspaper donor page for your generous donation.
Each reel of film will cost the $125.00 to have it digitized. We are hoping to use donations as matching funds for a grant.
If you have any questions contact either of the libraries for more information. Contact information can be found on this website.