Welcome to Sutton Memorial Library

The library in Sutton has been in existence as a public library since 1908 and, unofficially, even before then. Its location now is at 201 S. Saunders, just south of Brown’s Thrift Store in the Sutton business district. It is a spacious building that has worked well since its beginning in 1986 when it was purchased with funds provided by a Sutton resident, a grant from the Nebraska Library Commission, and further help from the Sutton Public Library Friend’s group. The original location, which was located further north on Saunders Avenue, was a Carnegie building completed in 1910 and later condemned in 1969. The library was temporarily housed in the A.W. Lewis building until the current facility was ready to house the library.

Sutton Memorial Library has a collection of over 16,000 books, audio-books, DVDs, and video-cassettes.

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