Golden Sower Nominees 2018-2019 at TRaiLS!

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We currently added two Golden Sower Nominated titles for 2018 – 2019:

Refugee by Alan Gratz

Follow three children in different decades, from different home countries, all in search of refuge. Facing dangers of all kinds, hope is the the thing that keeps them moving forward. Josef is a Jewish boy living in 1930s Nazi Germany, Isabel is a Cuban girl living in 1994, and Mahmoud is a Syrian boy living in 2015. Even though these kids are separated by decades and continents, connections will be made to bring their worlds together. This action packed novel tackles survival, courage, and the quest for home.


Restart by Gordon Korman

Chase wakes up in a hospital with a case of amnesia. He doesn’t remember falling off the roof, hitting his head, or even what his name is! Chase has to start his life all over again. Going back to school opens up a whole new unknown world. Between a girl dumping frozen yogurt on his head and random kids treating him like a hero, Chase has to not only figure out who he is — but who he was! And who is he going to be?

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