Best Practice: Teaching Kids To Make Good Choices Online
Recently—and not for the first time—YouTube Kids has come under scrutiny because children have stumbled onto disturbing content ranging from sexualization and cannibalism to violence and even suicide. As parents, our first instinct might be to remove the app completely and restrict our kids’ online environment even more—after all, if a network created specifically for children isn’t safe, what is? Instead, take a breath (or 10, if you need it) and turn the situation into a learning experience. Talk regularly with your kids  about their favorite shows and apps. Teach them how to tell the difference between quality content and something meant to be sensationalist clickbait. Let them know that it’s OK to be upset if they watch or read something disturbing and that they should report it to you right away.

Board Updates Photo Policy

Effective July 9, 2014, the Board of Trustees modified Policy IV. Privacy and Confidentiality of Patrons’ Records, Photographs and Recordings, by adding:

As a courtesy to our patrons, before taking photographs, videos, or recordings in the library, staff will announce that individuals may ask for themselves and/or their children not to be included.

Library Policy Changes

At their regular April 1, 2014 meeting, the Valparaiso Board of Trustees adopted changes to several policies and adopted three new ones. The policies are available at:
Valparaiso Public Library Policies

The new policies include XVI Exhibits and Displays, XVII Advocacy, and XVIII Strategic Planning.

Policy revisions made changes to these sections:

  • V. Circulation – Library Cards: Types of Cards, Registration, and Account Fees (minor changes to each of these three sub-sections)
  • VI. Collection Management and Development – Current Facility and Collection (changed description to match current physical organization of collection)
  • VII. Computer and Internet Use – Access (added paragraph about use of children’s computer tablets) and Printing (changed fee to as established by Board)
  • VIII. Faxing and Photocopying (changed fees to as established by Board)
  • XIII. Policy on Acceptable Behavior (added statement about food/drink)
  • XIV. Policy on Unattended Children (changed “should” to “must” in line 2 of paragraph 2)
  • XV. Facilities – Guidelines (new section)