Library Policy Changes

At their regular April 1, 2014 meeting, the Valparaiso Board of Trustees adopted changes to several policies and adopted three new ones. The policies are available at:
Valparaiso Public Library Policies

The new policies include XVI Exhibits and Displays, XVII Advocacy, and XVIII Strategic Planning.

Policy revisions made changes to these sections:

  • V. Circulation – Library Cards: Types of Cards, Registration, and Account Fees (minor changes to each of these three sub-sections)
  • VI. Collection Management and Development – Current Facility and Collection (changed description to match current physical organization of collection)
  • VII. Computer and Internet Use – Access (added paragraph about use of children’s computer tablets) and Printing (changed fee to as established by Board)
  • VIII. Faxing and Photocopying (changed fees to as established by Board)
  • XIII. Policy on Acceptable Behavior (added statement about food/drink)
  • XIV. Policy on Unattended Children (changed “should” to “must” in line 2 of paragraph 2)
  • XV. Facilities – Guidelines (new section)