Youth Services Retreat ~ September 2, 2021 ~ 12:00-4:00 Mountain Time via Zoom

This year the retreat will be held on Thursday, September 2, via Zoom, 1-5 pm.  Register here by August 31!

Presentations and workshops at the retreat will include:

American Indian Youth: Living and Learning in the Twenty-First Century with Dr. Barbara Buttes. 

With slides and video Dr. Buttes will introduce American Indians living, learning, working, and playing in today’s United States, while also providing background on American Indian experiences during colonization. Her presentation will weave in American Indian authors who have written about their lives in fiction and in non-fiction. 

“Movin and Groovin” at the Library with Adina Bell 

How to create a fun storytime using music and movement! 

“Best” Children’s Books with Dana Fontaine and “Best” Teen Books with Sally Snyder 

Building Your Social-Emotional Core Strength with Sheila Palmquist 

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