Do you have your new library card yet?

kilgore mem library logo2Since arriving at Kilgore Memorial Library as the new library director I have listened to and learned from many of you.  Mostly the library staff.  I am sure that they are beginning to think to themselves, be careful what you wish for because it might just turn into more work!  In the past 15 months we have worked to improve the networking and computing infrastructure, we designed and developed a new website, implemented a new catalog interface, designed new logo for the library, and improved many other things along the way.  Now we are in the process of working to update our patron database.  To do this we are issuing brand new library cards to each patron.  Do you have yours yet?

Each new card comes with a regular wallet card, two key fob cards and the option to scan the barcode into a loyalty app for electronic use.  Each new card also comes with an instruction sheet that offers several tips for using your library card.  What it is trying not so subtly to say is, USE YOUR LIBRARY CARD.

For extra assurance that you have all the information you need we have created a step-by-step list of how to log into and use your online library account.  Once you are logged in you will be able to do everything listed in the instructions along with use all the services listed at the online catalog home page.  Yes, even librarians have to deal with change!  So you will notice that the online catalog screen you will see today looks different from the one in the screen shots of the tutorial.  That is because that software was update recently.  To learn more about this new interface we have created this 41 second video just for you!

We certainly hope that you are enjoying all of the improvements we have made to our services.  If you have an idea for what could make library services more enjoyable let me know.  I am always looking for ways to make more work around here!

About Deb Robertson

Deb Robertson began leading the Kilgore Memorial Library in the fall of 2013. Prior to moving to York Deb was the Director of academic libraries in Sioux City, Iowa; Abingdon, Virginia; and Norfolk, Nebraska. She earned her Master's Degree in Library Science in 2000 from Emporia State University in Kansas. Deb and her husband Jim have two married children who live with their families in Norfolk and Omaha. For Deb, the only thing better than working in a library is spending time with her grandchildren.
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