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bookstackSpring is here and summer isn’t far behind.  In less than 60 days the children will be out of school for vacation and it will be time to “catch some rays,” and spend some time poolside.  What will your children do this summer?  If you have young children at home you know that summer means finding ways to keep them busy, employing babysitters, or getting those camp dates scheduled.  Every child should be looking forward to a summer of fun, a time when the phrase “I’m bored!” should be the very last phrase that is on their lips.

For the staff at the Kilgore Library, summer is the time of year that we work the hardest to attract young people to our doors.  We want to provide fun, educational programming that will continue to engage our children and entertain them too.  We want every child to be able to enjoy the programs we offer free of charge and join our reading club to keep actively reading during the months out of school.

If your child does not read during the break he will lose several levels of his reading comprehension and it will take him 6-8 weeks to re-learn what he has lost.  No one wants their child to start a new school year behind.  To ensure your children read this summer, have your family visit the Library at least twice a month to choose “new” reading material, and encourage your child to join our summer reading club.

Get ready for summer reading now!  If you don’t have a Library card, come in and get one!  Library cards are free to any York city or county resident.  If you have an old style card, come in and have your account updated.  Now we can even add your email address to your record and have date due and reserve reminders emailed to you.  You may choose to have a family card and keep everyone’s book checkouts together.  We can also make cards for each family member.  Each new card comes with two mini-key chain cards too.  This makes keeping a family’s cards together much easier to manage.  If you live within walking distance of the Library consider putting a house key on a lanyard with one of your mini Library cards too.

We can no longer check out items without a Library card, so if your children are visiting the Library any time without you, please consider giving them one of the key card versions on a key ring.

Next month I will highlight our super summer activities at the Library.  Don’t forget to buy some sunblock, and stop by and get your Library card ready for the summer too.

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