The LEGO Guy is coming to the Library

Coming soon!!!!!

Curtis Mork-The Lego Guy!

Mark the date now so you don’t miss him and all the Lego fun.

The Lego Guy will be at the Library on June 8th at 2 p.m

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Library Will Be Closed For Memorial Day


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Minutes of May Library Board Meeting

The Ainsworth Library Board Meeting was held on May 2, 2018 at the Ainsworth Public Library.This meeting was advertised in the local newspaper, over the radio, on the library website, and posted at the Library. The meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. Notice was given on the posting of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act. Roll call showed all members present. We welcomed a new board member, Pedro Bordes. Mark Kovar’s term expired the end of April.

Traci Alberts made a motion to approve the minutes with one correction: Mark Kovar’s term expires on April 30th not on the 31st. Todd Flynn seconded this with all members voting in favor of. Phyllis Leach moved to approve the claims for payment. Pedro Bordes seconded this motion with all members voting in favor of. The Monthly Library Report was presented as well as a list of titles purchased.

The Makerspace Grant was discussed. Usage/training/tours done the first week of April were shared. Copies of the inventory completed as well as the funds collected and forwarded to Library Commission on the consumables were shared. Packing up of the equipment was done on April 9th. The machines went to Neigh from here. It was noted that Morgan Osborn’s last payment from the Makerspace Internship grant was issued to her. A review was given on the Makerspace Survey which ran from May 2nd to May 26th. We had a total of 35 responses. Summary of Survey:
Did you have the opportunity to tour, train, or create with the Makerspace while at the Library: 85.7% yes 14.3% no
Do you think that the Library should have some type of makerspace equipment permanently available: 94.1% Yes 5.9% no
Would you use makerspace equipment if we had a permanent studio at the Library:
94.1% yes 5.9% no
Indicate your top five choices for makerspace equipment:
1st choice-Button Maker 2nd Heat Press 3rd Vinyl Cutter 4th Heat Press 5th 3-D Printer
What is your age: 31.4% in 35-49 age group 25.7% in 50-64 age group 20% in 65 and up
17.1% in 18-34 age group 5.8%in the under 18 age group

Todd Flynn moved to purchase a Button Maker for the library since that was the top choice in the survey. Traci Alberts seconded this with all members voting in favor of.

It was noted that the Library had several displays from April 16-30th. The Clothesline Project displayed t-shirts created to raise awareness of violence against women. The Ainsworth Art Guild’s Spring Art Show was on exhibit with 80 people signing the guest book. Jo Irwin was the winner of the Art Basket.

The upcoming Summer Reading Program was discussed. The theme this year will be “Libraries Rock”. Fliers with the dates of events for the various age groups have been sent to the school, the preschools, and to home school families as well as in the newspaper and library website. Sign-Up period will run from May 1st – May 14th. There is an online form as well as paper forms at the library. It was noted that the Library Foundation will pay for the Lego Guy to be here on June 8th at 2 p.m. A coloring contest would be held during the month. Plans are being made to hold some Middle School activities in July. A bilingual language Story time will be held in July for the PreK-K-1st-and 2nd grade.

Craig Bernbeck had a landscaping request for the Board. He wanted to trade five buckets of large stone in exchange for five buckets of lava rock from around the library. No action was taken on this request as the board was not interested at this time.

The Board reviewed the Safety Policy, Emergency Procedures, and the Disruptive Behavior Policy. Discussion of these policies also brought up the need for a camera in the building, what the cost for a panic button would be, and the importance to document disruptive behavior or anger issues happening in the Library.

Alane Lentz gave a quick review of the webinar that she watched for Board Certification titled Serving Older Adults and Their Care Partners at your Library. It was noted that the Board still needed 13 more CU’s before the end of September. A list of free webinar’s for May was shared with the Board. Wanda and Gail attended the System’s 3 in 1 Workshop in Kearney on April 20th. This covered micro-makerspaces, Information Security/Privacy, and How to do an Escape Room. It was noted that the Library Foundation Board should be meeting on May 17th.

Under correspondence, a Soil Map of Brown County from 1933 was received from the UN of MO and a postcard of Ainsworth’s Main Street in 1943 was received from Fort Thomas, KY. Various articles of interest from library journals and newsletters were shared.

The next meeting date/time was set for June 6th at 5 p.m. Since there was no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m.

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On-Line Registration Form for the Summer Reading Program

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It is that time of year again, registration time for the Summer Reading Program at the Ainsworth Public Library! The theme for this year’s Reading Program will be “Libraries Rock”. The June program will include music, dance, sound, song writing, and all kinds of instruments in the weekly topics. We even have a special program with the Lego Guy coming on June 8th.

Programing is planned for the toddlers, preschoolers, and students from K-4th grade. You may register your child/children from May 1st – May 14th for all of the summer fun. The on-line registration form may be found at or visit the library to fill out a paper form. We go by the grade just completed in the school year 2017-2018. If your child has special needs you will need someone to stay and assist with the child.

Toddler Time for the children aged two and three, will be held on Tuesdays in June from 4:30-5 p.m. We do ask that an adult stay with the child during this time. Preschool Summer Storytime will be held in June from 1-2 p.m. for the four and five year olds that have not been to Kindergarten yet.

Fun Hours for the grade school students will be held on Thursdays (June 14th, June 21st, and June 28th). K-1st grade come from 1-2 p.m. and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade will come from 3-4 p.m. Please note that for the first week of the Reading Program, the K-4th grade level of children will come on Friday, June 8th , for the LEGO Guy presentation at 2 p.m. Since the 4th of July will fall on the day that we usually hold the ending picnic, we will not be holding a picnic this year.

Music brings people together. Throughout history and around the world, music has been a special part of people’s lives. It continues to play a fundamental role in celebrations, self-expression, communication, connection, and daily life. Plan on having a “swingin’ summer” as we celebrate the fact that libraries rock! If you have any questions, please stop by the library or call 387-2032 for more information.

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Agenda for May Library Board Meeting

Ainsworth Library Board Meeting will be held on May 2nd starting at 5 p.m.
1. Call meeting to order
2. Notice of the posting of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act
3. Roll call/Welcome new member: Pedra Borales
4. Approve minutes
5. Approve claims for payment/Budget spending review
6. Monthly Library Report/List of Titles Purchased
7. Update on Makerspace Grant
a. Usage/training/tours to April 9th
b. Inventory/money collected for consumables/packing up of equipment
c. Makerspace Internship
d. Makerspace Survey
8. Exhibit/Displays
a. Clothesline Project Exhibit (April 16-30th)
b. Ainsworth Area Art Guild Spring Show
9. Summer Reading Program “Libraries Rock”
a. Different age groups/dates of events
b. Sign-Up Period May 1st-May 14th (online plus at library)
c. Lego Guy June 8th 2 p.m.
d. Coloring Contest
10. Landscaping Request
11. Review/update Safety Policy/Emergency Procedures/Disruptive Behavior Policy
12. Start work on 2018-2019 budget
13. Workshops/Meetings:
a. Webinar: Serving Older Adults & Their Care Partners at Your Library-Hope Levy
Alane Lentz watched for Board Certification
b. 3 in 1 Workshop-Kearney-April 20th
c. Library Foundation Board Meeting-May 17
14. Correspondence:
a. Map of Brown County 1933 from Un of MO-Columbia, MO
b. Postcard of Ainsworth Main Street 1943 from Fort Thomas, KY
c. Articles of interest from Library Journals and Newsletters
15. Set next meeting date/time
16. Adjournment

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Makerspace Survey

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Makerspace Show Case Held

The Ainsworth Public Library has been very pleased to have the Library Innovation Studio (Makerspace) available for the pubic to use the last five months. The Makerspace included components from the following categories: Digital Fabrication (3-D Printer, Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, CNC Router); Electronics (Prototype Kits, Microcontrollers, Robotics); Textiles (Heat Press, Embroidery/Sewing Machine); Digital Media Creation (filmmaking/digital photography); Music technology; and specialized software, Button Maker, Laminator, and basic hand tools. This equipment was made available to our library through a grant from the Nebraska Library Commission. This project comes from a $530,732 National Leadership Grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Nebraska Library Commission had partnerships with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library Systems in Nebraska. This grant was to support community engagement and participatory learning experience for their citizens by providing access to technological and innovative learning tools not readily accessible locally.

The Makerspace gave our area the opportunity to see the benefits of these of these machines “up close and personal”. To have all of these different pieces of equipment in the Library and available for the public to use has been exciting. The very best way to get the word out is to show people. A Makerspace Show Case was held on April 2nd from 6-8 p.m. All the machines were up and running so people could see how they worked. We had around 40 people of all ages attend. It was great to see all the high school students show interest in this. People displayed items that they had created. The public was amazed with all the projects completed in the Makerspace.

Our Library had a number of local people volunteer to learn how to run the machines and then taught others and/or helped with creating projects. Appreciation Gifts provided by GJW Inc. and Local House 20 were presented to our local trainers. The trainers included Chandra Murray, Pat Jones, Mary Jo McCall, Tonya Cole, Schyler Schenk, DeAnn Morse, Donna Rudnick, Wanda Raymond, and Morgan Osborn.

The Door Prize winners included Jerry Ehlers, Jill McBride, Chuck Osborn, and Sam Wilkins. They each received glassware that was done with the laser cutter and vinyl cutting machine.
The Library has a short Makerspace Survey for the community to fill out. The Library is thinking about creating a small Makerspace and would like to learn which equipment/tools are important to the public. Your input on this questionnaire will help the Library ensure that the services and resources provided by our library continue to meet the needs and interest of our community. The survey is available in paper form at the Library and also on-line at the Ainsworth Library website (

Our library was one of the first four libraries to host the Makerspace. It was been a learning experience for us all. It is our hope that the community enjoyed this opportunity of learning and creating on the Makerspace equipment.

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Agenda for the April Library Board Meeting

Ainsworth Library Board Meeting
April 4, 2018 @ 5 p.m.
1. Call meeting to order
2. Give notice of the posting of the Open Meeting Act
3. Roll call
4. Approve minutes
5. Approve claims for payment/Review of budget spending
6. Monthly Library Report/List of titles purchased
7. Library Innovation Studio (The Makerspace)
a. Update on tours, training, and creating
b. Show Case: April 2nd from 6-8 p.m.
1. Appreciation gifts to volunteers
2. Makerspace Survey
c. Equipment leaves April 9th
8. Expiration of Board Member-April 30th
9. New password for NebraskAccess databases
10. Summer Reading Program
11. Ainsworth Art Show and Display by Bright Horizon coming in April
12. Review Safety /Emergency Procedures Policy and Disruptive Behavior Policy
13. Meetings/Workshops:
a. Summer Reading Program Workshop-March 9th-Broken Bow
14. Correspondence:
a. American Library Assoc. sent information that Congress passed FY2018 omnibus spending bill that includes significant federal funding increases for Libraries
b. Articles of interest from library journals and newsletters
15. Set next meeting date/time
16. Adjournment

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Makerspace Show Case at Ainsworth Library

The Library Innovation Studio (The Makerspace) has been at the Ainsworth Public Library for the last five months. We are getting near the end of the Studio’s duration at the library. The equipment will be leaving the week of April 9th and moving on to another location.

A special event called the Makerspace Show Case will be held on Monday, April 2nd from 6-8 p.m. We invite the public to share the projects that they have completed on the Makerspace at this time. We will also be collecting stories on how STEM (Making) activities have changed lives in our community. Refreshments will be served.

We will be asking for the community to complete a short Makerspace Survey to see if there is any interest in having a permanent local studio in the area or just certain pieces to have at the library for the public to use. If you cannot attend the Show Case, this survey will be available online starting April 2nd on our Library website at Your input will help us ensure that the services and resources provided by the Ainsworth Public Library continues to meet the needs and interests of our community.

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