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National Library Week will be observed April 8-14, sponsored by the American Library Association and libraries all across our country. There are many types of libraries that participate: school, public, academic, and special. All share leadership in information and education for our citizens. The dedication to accurate and unprejudiced information is a keystone to our nation’s progress and development.

Celebrations for National Library Week include: National Library Workers Day (April 10, 2018), a day for recognition of library staff, administrators, users, Foundations and Friends groups and of efforts of local governments to support these local entities that work with them and for them.

On Wednesday of National Library Week (April 11, 2018), many libraries celebrate  National Bookmobile Day, recognizing the outreach made possible in many communities and rural areas.

On Thursday of National Library Week (April 12, 2018), we celebrate Take Action for Libraries Day. This is an effort to advocate for support of local libraries’ efforts to improve opportunities for all segments of our society, and to equip citizens with information and opportunities to improve their way of life.

Local libraries do more than house important documents, books and other resources. They can provide a forum for discussion of the particular needs of the community and provide resources to equip local leaders with information that will support the needs of the community.

More than that, libraries support interaction among their citizens that feeds the need for knowledge and support for necessary action and discussion.

Lied Battle Creek Public Library staff believes in working with fellow librarians in our county, state, and region to promote the values of education, information, leadership and friendship. Come in during Library Week and discuss needs you see as incomplete in  service.

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March into a new season !

This month is going to grab us by the hand and whisk us away. It’s already looking like Spring is coming: flocks of ducks flew overhead this morning when I came to work –and they were headed North! However, I was going South to the Public Library with sun shining in my face and a yellow cat running alongside my car as I headed for the river bridge. I don’t know where she was going.

Remnants of snow scattered along my path as I got closer to Battle Creek, and now at 1:40 pm, there are more puddles than little snow drifts along the street.

Business was a little slow from 9 a.m. till closing. A few adults and a handful of children came in and retrieved books to read or movies to take home, but it’s possible other people were busy outside. Our small quota of  patrons didn’t stay too long either.

It’s a little nippy yet, but this looks good for the beginning of Spring. You know, those ducks were encouraging each other to keep flying–pretty loudly, too. It made me want to shout a little.

If the weather stays friendly, it will be somewhat harder to stay inside and work. It might be tempting to play hooky and enjoy  the weather. Who knows? A holiday might come along and rescue us. It’s been known to happen. Now what is the next holiday coming to our rescue???

And then it snowed! I guess the next holiday must be Grab Your Shovel Day,  right?


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My sun shines every day because of you!

What is the most special day in the month of February?? It could be the day my mother was born. It could be the wedding date someone chose. Could it be the sad day my father died, five days before mother’s 50th birthday?

No! It has to be Valentine’s Day, February 14. Every year this holiday reminds us of someone, some event, a happy party, or a special valentine. And–it gives everyone a chance to remember a friend or a member of your family with a genuine expression of love. Many songs remind us: “what the world needs now is love, sweet love”.

Why is this holiday bigger than personal occasions? Because all of us need to reclaim our membership to humanity, to reach out where needed and spread a good word. Some may feel it’s silly and mushy, but tell that to someone living alone or someone lying in a hospital bed with no visitors. Greet your friends and neighbors. Encourage our little ones to share their happiness. Pat your dog’s head, just in case he’s forgotten who you are!

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January blows cold and wintery–

So the New Year flies in and drags Old Man Winter with her, seeding the sidewalks with sleet, ice pellets and snow.

Oh, but the second week finds sunshine sparkling the snow left behind on the sidewalks, and the children come out to be squinting shyly in the sun, wondering where the rest of the snow bunnies went.

It’s a ragged world; changes occur with a gasp of breath and howl of frigid air. Where are we going this time? we ask. And the answer depends on where we stand: bravely in every gust or cowering inside, refusing to be tossed around.

Then the next Fury hurls sleet into the wind, splitting the clouds with ice and a wail. And with each gust the New Year sails ahead guiding and directing the tempest. How long can this continue? Where will the sails in the skies steer us?

Quiet settles with the snowflakes gently floating, and Howling drowns with a whimper, a cough and a sigh. Sunlight peeps down at a shifting sweep of white, as below, the tempest drifts quietly away. Silence assumes the end of another storm, and all sigh their relief.

January will chase into February soon, raising a song of hope. Something new may overtake our experience, raising a flag of triumph for a new day.

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A New Year Approaches

Soon December will exit, leaving us with memories of old connections renewed and new attachments invited.  What wonders await? Certainly the current weather trends inspire all to dress warmly, speak softly, and listen to the winds of time rushing at us with a new year.

If one reads too much into the headlines of each day, those winds wail of oncoming troubles. But between the lines there are and will be items of kindness and companionship, devotion to duty, blessings for all.   Image result for google images new year 2018

This is the season when our better selves are renewed with a breath of welcome to all, and a hope for caring for others. Christmas is about giving and it is passing, but taking that feeling into a new year will inspire all to try again, one more time, one more  day.


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This holiday season: What does it mean to you?

For the last few months, this page has been a forum for  ideas coming from the Library staff. We challenge you to offer some ideas about the reason for the season. You may put them in our Facebook page below and they will fill in this space as well. It may be funny or serious. You may offer a new slant on old news or old traditions slanted a new way. Keep it short enough others may also participate, but long enough to make us think anew.

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Thankfulness is not necessarily simple–

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If you watch the news or read a newspaper frequently, you can see some reasons that a month that honors giving thanks might be a difficult season. The media report every ghastly  event they see, hear or witness. In a giving season (such as Thanksgiving), one can be overwhelmed with the horrific or the unthinkable. And lately there has been so much.

But don’t give up on the idea that  our country also hosts many amazing and wonderful events that shine a light on what is truly a gift. It doesn’t have to be a star-studded fund raiser; it can be a one-person effort to add beauty or meaning to others’ lives. It is out of thankfulness for one’s own well-being that many people here in our country  offer help for the troubles in others’ lives.

Often the bad news blares into the darkness, warning us of the evils that track others down. Too often we become second-hand witnesses of the wrongs done and it’s  harmful to us all.

During this month we honor our veterans who gave selflessly to keep us free and we give thanks to our creator that we have life, love and liberty.  To forget this  makes us susceptible to the despair that can ruin our country and our lives.

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Spook-tacular Times!


Image result for halloweenHere, in Lied Battle Creek Public Library, our working staff really enjoys decorating for holidays. I mean, we sometimes get so carried away that all you can really notice is the decor. Should you come in unaware,you might be startled at the blatant garishness of our efforts.

Take the month of October, if you can. We are leaping into one of our best collections of Fall and Halloween decor.  (Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a ‘dead witch’ under our easy chair–well at least her legs are.) Once in awhile, during October, someone will ease into that chair without noticing the legs sticking out underneath (purple stockings and orange shoes is a tip-off). But sometimes they do notice and they pull out the headless torso and toss it aside. One does want to be careful not to annoy the deceased.

Black cats, orange strings of lights with black spiders dripping from them, and ghastly decorated leafless trees adorned with pumpkins and creepy smiling pumpkins are not our only talents. There are evil-looking black owls perched in the Young Adult room on a ledge infested with black and silver feathered nests and the demanding warning – BEWARE!

Ghosts and  creepy pumpkins’ faces peer in from the windows. A giant black spider with a purple back and evil red eyes glaring down from the ceiling encourages you to COME IN!

Of course we have the run-of-the-mill Autumn leaves to settle your nerves a bit before you leave. We don’t want anyone to think there’s something unusual about our library. You will drop in, won’t you? We really miss you when you don’t. Ha ha ha ha!


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The Falling Leaves . . .

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September and October find us looking ahead for what is to come; yet  we can’t help glancing back at what is behind. Annual events spark memories of the past: Labor Day, Patriot Day, Constitution Day–all influenced the way we live in this country. A nation of workers and patriots and law abiding citizens (for the most part) built a way of life other nations envy.  And even though events seem to turn against us, we must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our people, our representatives in government, the strong defense of our military, and our faith as a nation. Whoever we are and whatever our faith, Americans acknowledge how precious it is to live in this land.

So when Autumn rears her pretty head, we need to remind ourselves of what we have and what wonders may come living here and working here together. The ‘falling leaves ‘ drift by my window now.  Each golden and crimson leaf fluttering in the breeze is a treasure, although a brief one, that reminds us of our natural  and national treasures and hopes for the future.

To everyone who donated to the needs of our citizens whose homes laid in the path of a hurricane or a fire, thank you. To all of our policemen, firemen, emergency aid workers, doctors, and rescuers, thank you. Not all of us can rush to the rescue, perhaps, but we can all be grateful to those who do.

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Why does ‘back to school’ come before the Nebraska State Fair?

Yes, everyone has wondered that in recent years. Well, maybe not everyone, but some of the avid fair goers might have. Take the example of a young student who joined 4-H and she/he has accomplished many goals toward State Fair participation. Could it be that if one had to miss a day of school to show his/her accomplishments during the summer and he/she had to take homework to the Fair the assignments might not get done???

Now, a dedicated 4-H’er’ would never be lax enough to forget homework, but it could be quite a challenge to remember homework when your prize chicken gets a ribbon– or a cool report about the wheat grown on the farm gets you first place and a chance to go to the Fair for the first time.

But think of all the things that can be learned in August at the State Fair! Surely one cannot miss such an opportunity! Work hard young 4-H participants and don’t let your assignments get lost along the way. We are rooting for you.

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