Why does ‘back to school’ come before the Nebraska State Fair?

Yes, everyone has wondered that in recent years. Well, maybe not everyone, but some of the avid fair goers might have. Take the example of a young student who joined 4-H and she/he has accomplished many goals toward State Fair participation. Could it be that if one had to miss a day of school to show his/her accomplishments during the summer and he/she had to take homework to the Fair the assignments might not get done???

Now, a dedicated 4-H’er’ would never be lax enough to forget homework, but it could be quite a challenge to remember homework when your prize chicken gets a ribbon– or a cool report about the wheat grown on the farm gets you first place and a chance to go to the Fair for the first time.

But think of all the things that can be learned in August at the State Fair! Surely one cannot miss such an opportunity! Work hard young 4-H participants and don’t let your assignments get lost along the way. We are rooting for you.

Independence Day celebrates all of our people & our pride.

July is a great month for remembering, and it is also a great month for honoring. What can we remember? The wonderful celebrations of our cities and towns that honor our veterans and citizens who have performed difficult tasks, sacrificing lives, wealth, and honor for others.

July is a great month for remembering how much we need each other in order to preserve and enhance the wonderful country we have.

July hails us as a guardian encourages his children to enjoy and participate in all that is good in our lives.

The 4th of July sings to us of courage and sacrifice, giving and receiving, honor and hope.

Gusty summer days and wild sparkling nights remind us to be grateful for what we know every day and night is ours and it is beautiful.

Independence Day–a reminder of what the people who came before us sought so desperately and their heirs cling to still today.

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