This holiday season: What does it mean to you?

For the last few months, this page has been a forum for  ideas coming from the Library staff. We challenge you to offer some ideas about the reason for the season. You may put them in our Facebook page below and they will fill in this space as well. It may be funny or serious. You may offer a new slant on old news or old traditions slanted a new way. Keep it short enough others may also participate, but long enough to make us think anew.

Thankfulness is not necessarily simple–

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If you watch the news or read a newspaper frequently, you can see some reasons that a month that honors giving thanks might be a difficult season. The media report every ghastly  event they see, hear or witness. In a giving season (such as Thanksgiving), one can be overwhelmed with the horrific or the unthinkable. And lately there has been so much.

But don’t give up on the idea that  our country also hosts many amazing and wonderful events that shine a light on what is truly a gift. It doesn’t have to be a star-studded fund raiser; it can be a one-person effort to add beauty or meaning to others’ lives. It is out of thankfulness for one’s own well-being that many people here in our country  offer help for the troubles in others’ lives.

Often the bad news blares into the darkness, warning us of the evils that track others down. Too often we become second-hand witnesses of the wrongs done and it’s  harmful to us all.

During this month we honor our veterans who gave selflessly to keep us free and we give thanks to our creator that we have life, love and liberty.  To forget this  makes us susceptible to the despair that can ruin our country and our lives.

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