Be Cool, Back to School

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July will soon slide into August and many wonderful opportunities are looking for you, kids. You still have a few short weeks of summer fun, of course, and that is a real opportunity.

One thing you could do is take a vacation to somewhere close that is not expensive and yet full of fun; like: the County Fair in your area–or a rodeo if it’s close enough. Explore area lakes and rivers (with your family and friends) and find out how great it is to be a Nebraskan. Some Nebraskans enjoy inviting their neighbors for an outdoor dinner, especially if they live in the country. Someone who might be visiting from out of state would most likely love an invitation to a country barbecue (or even a small town barbecue): does anyone have Gov.Pete Ricketts’ email?

Other ideas might include visiting grandparents wherever they live or inviting them to your outdoor barbecue.

You might even try writing a card or note to the teacher you will be working with next school year: tell he or she what your best qualities are or an activity that you’ve never tried in school–like being pen-pals with the principal.

Summers are short but there is still some time to look around and describe to your mom or dad what is best about Nebraska summers. Better yet write a pen pal and invite them to see how much fun we have.

Remember always that if you and your friends were born in Nebraska, there are many children who weren’t. You could start a Pen Pal Club  with your classmates and write to those children asking them what is  the best feature of their state. How do you find them? Start with cousins or friends who live elsewhere. Or when you go back to school ask the new kids who just arrived. It’s a great way to find a new friend.

And don’t forget to tell everyone how great the weather is here in good old Nebraska!