Mission Statement: The Mission of the Lied Battle Creek Public Library is to provide quality library service to its patrons. To do this the Library will provide materials, services, and programs to enhance citizens’ cultural, entertainment and educational experiences. It is also our goal to maintain a reasonable level of technological sophistication to maintain the community’s connection with local, state, and national issues. This includes (1) equal and adequate access to information within the limits of budget; (2) informational resources include not only facts and data, but also creative endeavors. Speakers, webinars, workshops, and meetings will be offered to keep the library a part of a larger network of artistic and educational systems, and (3)a basic collection needed by and requested for patrons by cooperating with regional and state library organizations to serve the needs of each individual whether he/she is young or old, healthy or infirm, a serious student or someone seeking relaxation and entertainment.

Item Checkout time Overdue Fines
Books/Audio books 2 weeks/2 wks grace $0.05/day per book
DVD/Blu-rays 7 days $1.00 per disc/day
Cake pans, cookie cutters, mint molds 7 days $0.05 /day
Magazines 2 weeks/2wks grace $0.05/day, 2 wks grace
Inter-library loans 3-4 wks usual Fines assessed as per library owned materials

Use of the Library meeting room is free to community service groups, but private parties have a $25 charge. The charges in that case will apply to repair, replacement, or cleaning costs in the particular circumstance. There is no alcohol or smoking allowed in the meeting room. Use of the big-screen television is possible. Just ask for instructions on using it with the Blu-ray player or on the internet. No sales or gambling for money is allowed in the library. The kitchenette is part of the meeting room and is equipped with coffee pots, a microwave, refrigerator and sink. Contact the Director or Assistant to reserve the room for a meeting, party or educational use. The room will accommodate 50 people in chairs or 30 seated at tables. The Library owns 6 folding tables and 52 chairs. The Library reserves the right to deny an inappropriate request for use.

Overdue items must be returned and fines paid before additional items may be checked out or library computers used. Patrons may have library privileges restricted or revoked according to policy adopted on 8/2000.

According to policies adopted 4/04/2003, no food or drink will be allowed in the Library, especially at computers, unless provided by the staff for library programming. Breakage of library equipment or furniture will result in a bill being sent to the guilty part or his/ her parents. Failure to pay restitution will result in loss of library privileges.

Adopted 5/10/2007–No more than 10 books per family may be checked out for a two week period.This is changed from summer reading time to all year long. No more than 5 videos, DVDS, and Blu-rays may be checked out by a family for a 3-day (DVDs & Blu-rays )  checkout period.

Computer use in the Library is free of charge. Priority for computer use is given to homework and adult use. Young people who play games on computer need to sign in and are allowed one hour. They might have to give up their computer for someone with adult or school business to take care of. Refusal to share computer time may end in loss of computer privileges.

Updated 03.14.2017

Questions about policies? E-Mail to: battlecreeklibrary@cableone.net

or call 402-675-6934