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Technology plan

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Clay Center Public Library

Technology Plan

May 2022

Mission Statement

The library will serve as a center for learning and enrichment for all residents of the community

Plan Objectives

This plan is a guide for technological development for the next three years in the library.  It will support the library’s mission statement and provide a structure for planning and budgeting in the next three years.

Technology Plan

Clay Center Public Library will meet these following goals and priorities as outlined:

-Improve, maintain and update the library website and Facebook site

-Enhance public access through technology

-Provide ongoing training for library staff and patrons

-Create a technology replacement schedule

-Develop an estimated budget for technology improvements

Priority 1: Improve, maintain and update the library website and Facebook site

The library website and Facebook site are vital resources and need to be constantly maintained and improved.  The website provides a link for users to browse the library’s catalog.

The website will be updated with new pages as needed to improve the appeal and ease of navigation for users.  The Facebook page will also be maintained and used for the promotion of library events and activities.

Priority 2: Enhance Public access through technology

Staff will continue to encourage the use of website for using the online catalog and other resources on that site.

Public computers will be maintained and upgraded as new software is available and appropriate.

Internet and wireless service will be continued and maintained.

Priority 3: Provide ongoing training for library staff and patrons

All staff members will be trained as Follett changes are made.  Job-related technology such as scanners, printers, fax, etc will be required training of each staff person.

Training will also include workshops and classes through the Nebraska Library Commission when applicable.

Public training will include informal one-on-one training as staff time allows.  Staff currently answer general computer questions and provide informal help to patrons using computers.

Priority 4: Create a technology replacement schedule

In order to keep as current as possible with every changing technology, the library staff will:

  1. Review current age and specifications of library computers
  2. Project anticipated computing needs for the next three years
  3. Create a replacement schedule plan with cost estimates and timelines
  4. Have the plan approved by the Library board

Priority 5: Develop an estimated budget for technology improvements

The current budget will be maintained and expanded to include estimates for the new hardware, software, telecommunication services, and training for staff development.  If the library budget cannot handle the expenses, the city council will be appealed to for funding.

Current Technology Environment

2 laptops

4 public internet and word processing stations (one is ADA fitted)

1 staff workstation

1 circulation workstation

1 black and white printer for staff and patron use

1 color printer for staff and patron use

1  telephone/fax

1 cordless telephone

1 Kindles

2 television sets


WII Game set

DVD players

Glowforge Laser Printer

All computers have Microsoft security essentials and Covenant eyes filters installed.  Staff workstations are tools used for library office work; cataloging materials, reference questions, emails, library website updating and other activities related to library demands.

The library’s automation system is Follet-Destiny.

Internet and telephone service is provided by Glenwood.

The library maintains it’s own website and Facebook & Instagram page, and provides wireless internet access inside and outside the building at all times.

The library applies for and receives funding for telephone and internet services through the Schools and Libraries Program for the Universal Service Fund, commonly known as E-Rate.  This program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access.


The director will oversee the implementation of the technology plan and its evaluation.  The plan will be reviewed annually by the Library Board.  Planning technology for the future will require flexibility and adaptability to adjust to trends and changes.  Technology is constantly changing.  This plan is a framework that will guide but not limit the library’s use of technology.

(amended May 2012)