Library Information

Library Hours:
Monday & Friday
9 AM to Noon
1 PM to 5 PM
2 PM to 7 PM
9 AM to 11 AM

Library cards may be obtained through the library staff at the front desk. Only one library card/household.

Book Check out:
6 books/account for two weeks at a time
books can renewed for an additional two weeks
Holds for books may also be placed with library staff

Movie Check out:
Old Movies: 1 week New Movies: 2 Days

Library materials can be returned during open hours or they can be dropped off outside in our drop box.
We have copy/fax services.
We have public computer stations and free WIFI

The Brown Bag Book Club meets the 1st Friday of each month at 11:30 AM.
Story Hour is the 3rd Monday of the month (except during the summer when the Summer reading Program is going on)
Individual Reading Program runs from June to August
Summer Reading Program is held during the month of June
Friends of the Library Meeting is held on the 1st Wednesday of the month (please ask Library Staff for time)
Public Library Board Meeting will posted at least a week before the meeting is held (see the front door or the Emerson Post Office for date and time).