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Fairfield Public Library Board Meeting    June 7, 2013

 Members present: Angie Ridgway, Beth Shipman, Nancy Bischoff, Susan Short, Thelma Soucie, and Stephanie Haack.

The Board reviewed old business.  Note for next year Alumni Banquet, the Alumni group would like to volunteer to have the Alumni Room open for a few hours.

The Board discussed the library’s cut of hours.  Due to lack of funds in the City budget, the City suggested 12hrs per week to be opened to the public.  The Board approved and set the hours to Monday & Wednesday 1:30pm -5:30pm and Saturday 8am-12pm.  The Board will present the approval and hour change to the City at the City Council meeting.  The Board will ask the City to submit an article to the Clay county news, explaining the reasons for the changes and the hours.  The Board will ask for the changes to begin July 1, 2013.

The library had damages from the storms, the roof leaked in two places and the basement leaked in two rooms.  The Board will ask that the gutters be placed on the library as soon as the City can get the contractor here to do it.

The Summer Reading program is planned and requests for donations have been posted around town.  Susan Short donated $100 to help with the expenses of the program. 

Statistics for the month of May were up except for materials because of weeding. 

Total materials in catalog           7575

Total yearly circulations             1052

Total monthly circulations           243

Total visits                                      307

Total computer use                      174

Total reference questions            1116

The Board discussed Triple F Days in August. The pancake feed will occur this year and plans will be made in future meetings.