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The Award by Danielle Steel
Gaëlle de Barbet is sixteen years old in 1940 when the German army occupies France and frightening changes begin. She is shocked and powerless when French gendarmes take away her closest friend, Rebekah Feldmann, and her family, and send them to a detention camp for deportation to an unknown, ominous fate. The local German military commandant makes Gaëlle family estate outside Lyon into his headquarters. Her father and brother are killed by the Germans; her mother fades away into madness and ill health. Trusted friends and employees become traitors. And by accident, Gaëlle begins a perilous journey with the French Resistance, hoping to save lives to make up for the beloved friend she could do nothing to help. Taking terrifying risks, Gaëlle becomes a valuable member of the Resistance, fearlessly delivering Jewish children to safety underneath the eyes of the Gestapo and their French collaborators. Then she is suddenly approached by the German commandant with an astonishing and dangerous plan to save part of France’s artistic heritage as the Germans withdraw. And once again, her life is on the line. Conducted in secret, flawlessly carried out, her missions for the Resistance change her life and mark her for years. She is falsely accused of collaboration at the end of the war, and flees Lyon in disgrace, orphaned and alone. She goes to Paris to put the war behind her and begin a new life, with the ghosts of the past always close at hand. Gaëlle’s life will take her from Paris to New York, from a career as a Dior model to marriage and motherhood, unbearable loss, and mature, lasting love. She returns to Paris to run a small museum, honoring victims of the Holocaust. She has never sought recognition for her courage during the war years she can never forget. Her label as a collaborator remains, until her granddaughter, a respected political journalist, is determined that past wrongs finally be made right, and her grandmother’s brave acts be recognized. Now a grateful nation will finally acknowledge this remarkable woman. At last, she is absolved and honored as the war hero she was

The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand
Greg and Tess MacAvoy are one of four prominent Nantucket couples who count each other as best friends. As pillars of their close-knit community, the MacAvoys, Kapenashes, Drakes, and Wheelers are important to their friends and neighbors, and especially to each other. But just before the beginning of another idyllic summer, Greg and Tess are killed when their boat capsizes during an anniversary sail. As the warm weather approaches and the island mourns their loss, nothing can prepare the MacAvoy’s closest friends for what will be revealed.

Family Business by Colin Beckett
Dare County Sheriff Martin Tate and his ex-detective friend Paul Treadwell chase a vindictive serial killer menacing North Carolina’s Outer Banks in this debut thriller. When authorities find the body of a woman in her ransacked home the crime scene looks like a robbery that went terrifyingly out of control. However, there are several items left behind in plain view that appear to be totally out of place to Marty Tate, a seasoned investigator. Tate decides that he’d like another opinion on the case, so he enlists advice from former Northeast Ohio detective, Paul Treadwell, now the owner of the Brown Pelican Restaurant in Duck. Two years ago, Paul and his wife, Megan, a former nurse, won a sizable fortune in the Ohio Lottery. After careful consideration, they decided to relocate and become permanent residents of the Outer Banks. When Paul finds another piece of unusual evidence at the ransacked cottage, Tate’s original suspicions are confirmed. A homicide has been committed here disguised as a robbery gone horribly wrong. Together with other highly trained and motivated law enforcement personnel they forge ahead in order to identify and apprehend a deadly intruder to these shores who meticulously continues his killing spree as the tourist season rolls along. The good guys know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” homicide. Even the craftiest of killers makes a mistake or two. Nothing new there. The problem for the good guys is that their killer hasn’t gotten the memo on that one. He’s good. He’s exceptionally good at killing people and getting away with it.
The Guest Book by Marybeth Whalen
When Macy Dillon was five years old her father encouraged her to draw a picture in the guestbook of a Carolina beach house. The next year, Macy returned to discover a drawing by an unidentified little boy on the facing page. Over the next eleven years the children continue to exchange drawings, until tragedy ends visits to the beach house altogether. During her final trip to Sunset, Macy asks her anonymous friend to draw her one last picture and tells him where to hide the guest book in hopes that one day she will return to find it-and him. Twenty-five years after that first picture, Macy is back at Sunset Beach-this time toting a broken family and a hurting heart. One night, alone by the ocean, Macy asks God to help her find the boy she never forgot, the one whose beautiful pictures touched something deep inside of her. Will she ever find him? And if she does, will the guestbook unite them or merely be the relic of a lost childhood?
Snow Angel by Jamie Carie
When Noah Wesley hears the faint sound outside the door of his remote Alaskan cabin during a violent nighttime blizzard, it is no less than the voice of God that urges him to take a closer look, to discover there his snow angel.
Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich
“In the heart of Trenton, N.J., a killer is out to make sure someone gets his just desserts. Larry Virgil skipped out on his latest court date after he was arrested for hijacking an eighteen-wheeler full of premium bourbon. Fortunately for bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, Larry is just stupid enough to attempt almost the exact same crime again. Only this time he flees the scene, leaving behind a freezer truck loaded with Bogart ice cream and a dead body–frozen solid and covered in chocolate and chopped pecans. As fate would have it, Stephanie’s mentor and occasional employer, Ranger, needs her to go undercover at the Bogart factory to find out who’s putting their employees on ice and sabotaging the business. It’s going to be hard for Stephanie to keep her hands off all that ice cream, and even harder for her to keep her hands off Ranger. It’s also going to be hard to explain to Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, why she is spending late nights with Ranger, late nights with Lula and Randy Briggs–who are naked and afraid–and late nights keeping tabs on Grandma Mazur and her new fella. Stephanie Plum has a lot on her plate, but for a girl who claims to have “virtually no marketable skills,” these are the kinds of sweet assignments she does best”–
“Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter who often runs into trouble on the job, but she has family, friends, and several men to help her out of sticky situations. There’s Lula, a plus-sized former hooker turned bounty hunter, and Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s outrageous grandmother who packs a gun and sometimes tags along on cases. The series wouldn’t be complete without a love triangle. Joe Morelli, AKA “Officer Hottie,” is Stephanie’s on again/off again boyfriend, and Ranger is the bad-ass private security specialist who trains Stephanie and becomes her mentor and protector.

Where we belong by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Fourteen-year-old Angie and her mum are on the brink of homelessness …again. The problem is her little sister, Sophie. Sophie has a form of autism, and a tendency to shriek. Home never seems to last long. Until they move in with Aunt Vi, across the fence from a huge Great Dane. Sophie falls in love, and begins to imitate the dog’s calm nature.

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Bruce Schindler visited us during Triple F Days as one of the vendors.  Several of us had the chance to talk with Bruce and learn about his books.  He has written several books that the library has to share with the community.  Stop in and get his books today!

Dust & Cannibals (Book 1)

It was a planet much like this, in a time much like now. There were several rounds of limited nuclear warfare. Solar flares knocked out large sections of the power grid, as well as disabling many satellites. Then, a volcano in the Canary Islands erupted, sending a massive tsunami into Europe and the East Coast of the United States. The drug cartels declared independence from Mexico, and invaded the American Southwest.
Following this, came a monster earthquake and tsunami off the Oregon and Washington coast. Adding to the destruction and disruption, Mount Rainier erupted. Weeks later, just after Thanksgiving, the New Madrid fault flattened everything along the Mississippi from St. Louis to Memphis. For New Year’s, a terrorist nuke took out Times Square and most of New York City. While all this was going on, the government decided to clean the air by shutting down all coal and oil facilities in the country.
Lyle and his wife were surviving on a small ranch in Nebraska. Although largely self-sufficient, they still needed some supplies. Since there was no longer any gas, getting those supplies was a challenge. Lyle had to ride a half-trained stallion fifteen miles to town to see what he could get. On the way, he discovered cannibals had moved into the area between his ranch and town. That really messed with his quiet rural lifestyle.
Soon, however, he found the cannibals were the least of his problems.

Mud & Horizons (Book 2)

The apocalypse was man-made, so it didn’t get everyone. Survivors in rural Harlan County, Nebraska, found the Old West was new again. Horses and horsepower were once again identical.
Since Mark managed the only horse ranch, his prospects looked good. Still, life was a long way from perfect. They just repelled an attack by the terrorists who spread the doomsday weapon around the world. Mark and his buddy, Josh, were experienced soldiers, and knew they would lead the expedition to end the terrorist threat.
Waiting for the call to action, Deputy Vince contacted Mark, wanting him to look at recent bicycle tracks. The only other known survivors were the terrorists sworn to kill everyone in Harlan. None of them rode bikes. Was this yet another group? Were they friends or enemies? Why did they try to hide?
Then there were the challenges Mark faced in himself. He was far more clever than smart, typically heading for the horizon when his brain storms turned to mud.

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We hope to see you at all the events!Triple F DaysFairfield Public LibraryAnnual

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Lots of planning for Triple F Days going on in Fairfield! We have a few ideas so far. We will have our pancake feed (free will donations) and vendors at the auditorium. We are planning a scavenger hunt, movie, and possible water games for the kids. We will post soon our final plans for our part of Triple F Days. If you have any ideas or would like to help us by sponsoring your time or donations towards the kids games, just give one of our board members or librarians a call. Board members are Nancy Bischoff, Beth Shipman, Diann Gentry, Susan Short, David Francis, Tysha Francis, and Stephanie Haack. Thank you to everyone who has supported the library and its events!

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Free Movie Night at the Fairfield Auditorium! Friday, July 17th at 7pm. We will be playing American Sniper. It is about U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. This movie is Rated R and is not recommenced for kids. Bring your own chairs, snacks, and drinks. The movie ends around 9:15pm. Thank you to all those who came to last Friday’s free movie! Next month we will be having two more movie nights….teenage turtles?? galaxy guardians? We will see….

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Bring your own chairs, blankets, snacks, drinks w/lids or whatever to get comfortable for The Lego Movie!  This is a free event sponsored by the Fairfield Public Library.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Sign in will be open at 6:30pm. and the movie will begin at 7pm.  The Lego Movie is Rated PG.  We ask that all children under 10yrs have adult supervision.

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We had our library board meeting today. We welcome David Francis as a new member. Thank you goes out to Angie Ridgway and Thelma Soucie for many years of volunteer work at the library as library board members. We have made our plans for Triple F Days on August 15th.
Pancake Feed 8-10:30am at the Auditorium
Serving pancakes with country ham
Vendor show 8am – 2pm at the Auditorium
Scavenger Hunt for the kids 11am until noon starts at library
(will be going around town on this hunt)
Movie 1-3pm at the library for the kids, movie to be announced
Water Balloon Wars for the kids 3pm -until we run out
of balloons at the Auditorium
Any donations to any of the events is welcomed!
We will be having Movie Night on July 10th at the Auditorium and this one will be a kids movie. The July 17th movie will be more for adults. More information to come.

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Here’s a list of our audio books on cd that we just received on loan.  Play them while cooking, while the kids are gaming,

when you are cleaning the house, or driving the car to work…come give them a try today!

For kids  6-12yrs:  

Emma-Jean Lazarus fell out of a tree  by Lauren Tarshis

The Penderwicks, a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy  by Jeanne Birdsall

Ophie out of Oz  by Kathleen O’Dell

For teens:

Things not seen by Andrew Clements

Pants on fire by Meg Cabot

The sisterhood of the traveling pants  by Ann Brashares

The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak

For the adults:

Pontoon by Garrison Keillor

Fast track by Fern Michaels

Two for Texas  by James Lee Burke

Reilly’s Luck by Louis L’Amour

Split Image by Robert B. Parker

The Fellowship of the ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult



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