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Bruce Schindler visited us during Triple F Days as one of the vendors.  Several of us had the chance to talk with Bruce and learn about his books.  He has written several books that the library has to share with the community.  Stop in and get his books today!

Dust & Cannibals (Book 1)

It was a planet much like this, in a time much like now. There were several rounds of limited nuclear warfare. Solar flares knocked out large sections of the power grid, as well as disabling many satellites. Then, a volcano in the Canary Islands erupted, sending a massive tsunami into Europe and the East Coast of the United States. The drug cartels declared independence from Mexico, and invaded the American Southwest.
Following this, came a monster earthquake and tsunami off the Oregon and Washington coast. Adding to the destruction and disruption, Mount Rainier erupted. Weeks later, just after Thanksgiving, the New Madrid fault flattened everything along the Mississippi from St. Louis to Memphis. For New Year’s, a terrorist nuke took out Times Square and most of New York City. While all this was going on, the government decided to clean the air by shutting down all coal and oil facilities in the country.
Lyle and his wife were surviving on a small ranch in Nebraska. Although largely self-sufficient, they still needed some supplies. Since there was no longer any gas, getting those supplies was a challenge. Lyle had to ride a half-trained stallion fifteen miles to town to see what he could get. On the way, he discovered cannibals had moved into the area between his ranch and town. That really messed with his quiet rural lifestyle.
Soon, however, he found the cannibals were the least of his problems.

Mud & Horizons (Book 2)

The apocalypse was man-made, so it didn’t get everyone. Survivors in rural Harlan County, Nebraska, found the Old West was new again. Horses and horsepower were once again identical.
Since Mark managed the only horse ranch, his prospects looked good. Still, life was a long way from perfect. They just repelled an attack by the terrorists who spread the doomsday weapon around the world. Mark and his buddy, Josh, were experienced soldiers, and knew they would lead the expedition to end the terrorist threat.
Waiting for the call to action, Deputy Vince contacted Mark, wanting him to look at recent bicycle tracks. The only other known survivors were the terrorists sworn to kill everyone in Harlan. None of them rode bikes. Was this yet another group? Were they friends or enemies? Why did they try to hide?
Then there were the challenges Mark faced in himself. He was far more clever than smart, typically heading for the horizon when his brain storms turned to mud.

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