3/7/2019 Opening late at least

The Library will open at 12:00 noon provided the roads have improved by then.  Stay home if you can and safe if you can’t.  We will update our page as we know more.

Have a good day,


Library Closed 1/22/2019

The library will be closed today as a result of icy conditions.  We hope to open tomorrow as normal.  Check back here or give us a call  (402-761-2937) for more information.

Have a good day.  Stay warm.  Stay safe.


Closed 1/16/2017

The Ice Storm is looking bad enough that we are going to be closed for the day.  If conditions change and the storm misses us we will open as normal.  If you aren’t sure check the website for an update to this post or call the library ahead of time.

Stay warm.  Stay safe.