It looks like we may get a snow storm which could force us to close Friday, Jan 14, 2021. Of course with the way weather works in the Great Plains it might be sunny and sixty degrees. If I can reasonably make it to work tomorrow I will but if it seems nasty out you might want to give us a call to see if we’re there. I’ll try and post any updates as far as what is going on here.

Be safe. Stay warm and have a good day!

Reopening June 1st

Well, it’s been a curious few months hasn’t it?

The Library will be reopening on the first of June with regular hours and a few changes. (With more to follow depending on how things work out.)

For the time being we’re going to have the following modifications to our normal operations.

  • If you have reason to think you might be sick, please stay home. You just never know who might be in the library at any given moment.
  • Limit of ten people in the building at a time. (This won’t be much of a hardship as it rarely happened any way.)
  • Please do the social distancing thing as best you can when you are here.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for public use.
  • Computer usage will be limited to 30 minutes per person per day. (If you are doing something critical such as filling out the census, applying for jobs or unemployment, etc., let us know and staff will give you more time if possible.
  • Curbside service will continue for those who are concerned about entering a public space like the library.
  • The community room will not be available for the time being

In general just be respectful of the situation and everything should be cool.

3/7/2019 Opening late at least

The Library will open at 12:00 noon provided the roads have improved by then.  Stay home if you can and safe if you can’t.  We will update our page as we know more.

Have a good day,


Library Closed 1/22/2019

The library will be closed today as a result of icy conditions.  We hope to open tomorrow as normal.  Check back here or give us a call  (402-761-2937) for more information.

Have a good day.  Stay warm.  Stay safe.