North Platte Public Library adds access to Online Classes

gale 2The North Platte Public Library now offers access to Gale Courses.  Gale Courses offers a wide range of highly interactive, instructor led courses that you can take entirely online.   As a library card holder in good standing, you are entitled to these courses at no cost. Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month.  A new set of classes is starting right now.  You have 13 days after the start of class to sign up and start the lessons for a class.  Go to the city website, choose Community, then Library.  On the Library page, go to Research Tools; in the submenu select Premium Databases and Gale Courses.  There is great selection of courses from Microsoft Office to Photoshop, Test Prep for ACT/SAT tests and more.  For classes like Microsoft Office, you must have the exact version on the computer in order to complete assignments.  Following completion of the class, you get a certificate of completion.

Registering the first time is easy; you will need an email address and your North Platte Public Library Card barcode.  Before registering for a class you can explore the lesson plans, learn about the instructor, and possibly preview a lesson.

The library believes Gale Courses will be an asset to the community as it will offer classes that people can access from their computers 24/7.  The instructors prepare detailed lessons and assignments and are available for questions via online forums.  Imagine having a digital photograpy class at your fingertips!

Intro to Making Photobooks

Do you have lots of digital photos on your camera or on your computer?  Photobooks are a great way to display and share these photos.  There are multiple websites that allow you to upload your photos and arrange them into books that are then printed and mailed to you.  The sites will even arrange the photos for you or you can have lots of cphoto bookreative control yourself.

Learn the basics of creating a photobook at our December 4th Tech Thursday session.  You will learn how to create a fabulous photobook featuring all your holiday photos. This class is perfect for the person who wants to create a unique holiday gift. Or, you may want to keep your photo memories organized in a great format for yourself. We will look at different vendors, options, and styles to help you create a book you will love.

Tech Thursday sessions are free and require no registration.  The session starts at 1:30 PM and lasts about one hour.  This will be the last session before the holidays and then we will resume sessions in January.



Excel Classes at the Library in November

excelMicrosoft Excel 2010 will be the topic of our November computer classes. Excel is a spreadsheet program and very useful for both home and business applications. These classes are for computer users that already know how to use a mouse and basics of word processing. Classes will meet in our downstairs meeting room using Windows 7 laptop computers. Each 2-hr class will cost $10.00 per person and includes a take-home handout. Class size is limited to 10 people.  Pre-registration and payment are required. Please call the library to register.

Schedule is below:

Excel 2010 Step by Step Part 1, Thursday, 11/6 at 9:30 AM: Learn to create a simple spreadsheet in Excel. Learn how to enter data into rows and columns, use simple formulas and create a worksheet for income and expenses.

Excel 2010 Step by Step Part 2, Thursday, 11/13 at 9:30 AM Expanding on the skills learned in the first class, learn how to edit your spreadsheet, add and delete columns and rows, and work with building formulas. Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step Part 1 and mouse skills

Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step Part 3, Thursday 11/20 at 9:30 AM This class will focus on using Excel to create and sort lists and working with multiple worksheets. We will also discuss printing tips. This class is primarily for those who have taken Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step Parts 1 and 2.

Health, Cooking, and Music @Tech Thursday

Tech Thursday @ Your LibrTech thursdayary in November topics center around health, finding recipes and music online. What are Tech Thursdays? They are free sessions on topics from eReaders and borrowing eBooks to Email and Facebook.  These are informal with no sign-up ahead of time.  Learn so mething new each time.  All sessions are held at 1:30 PM on Thursdays in our meeting room and last about one hour.

November 6:  NebraskaAccess: Access to Your Health Learn about cool online health related information connected to weight loss and diseases associated with being overweight from this website funded by the state of Nebraska. Learn about My Fitness Pal, a very useful website and app for monitoring your diet and exercise plan.

November 13: Holiday Recipes Online Are you looking for a new recipe to dazzle your family or friends during the upcoming Holidays?  Or are you just trying to remember that old tried and true recipe for green bean casserole and can’t find that recipe?  If so, be sure to attend this Tech Thursday program and learn how to search effectively for recipes on the Internet.  We will explore; (Talk Turkey!);; other favorite Food Network recipes and chefs and more!

November 20:  Music Online Learn about listening to your favorite music online and new music options coming to you from your library.

Learn Something New @ Tech Thursday

October Tech Thursday sessions will be on a variety of topics.  Learn about Pinterest, a popular website and app that’s all about sharing ideas, recipes and more in a picture-friendly format.  Ever felt a movie was so bad, you should throw a rotten tomato? Learn about the websites, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.  And, that’s just the first two weeks.  These free sessions are on Thursdays at 1:30 PM and last about one hour.  We’ll skip the week of the Friends of the Library Book Sale on October 23-25-but don’t skip this great sale!!  Our schedule for Tech Thursday is below:

Pinning to Pinterest on October 2: Learn about social pin boards where you collect and browse the pins of other pinners.  Everything is visual-get ideas for baking, building, crafts, decorating and more.

Films and More on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB on October 9:  Discover how to access everything imaginable about films, television programs, etc. through the Rotten Tomatoes® and IMDB® websites.  Discussion includes brief film summaries, reviews, cast members, and DVD release dates.

Book Clubbing? Let Us Help! on October 16:  Learn about Book Kits with multiple copies of books and discussion questions; how to borrow books from other libraries and more at this session.

No session on October 23rd

 Should You Be Scared of the Internet? on October 30:  Learn tips and tricks of Internet Safety and how to avoid getting caught in a phishing net.




October Computer Classes Advance to Microsoft Word

Classes in October are for computer users that already know how to use a mouse.   Our goal this month is to help computer users utilize software to create documents and then save those document files on the computer.  Microsoft Word skills are required in many jobs and while these classes will not make you an expert, they will get you started.  You will have hands-on time with a computer.  Following class, we encourage you to practice your skills at home or in our upstairs computer area.

Classes will meet in our downstairs meeting room using Windows 7 laptop computers.  Each 2-hr class will cost $10.00 per person and includes a take-home handout.  Class size is limited to 10 people.   Schedule is below.  Pre-registration and payment are required.  Please call the library to register.

Word 2010:  Beginning Skills 1,  Thursday, 10/2 at 9:30 AM          

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program.  This class will introduce word processing and its terminology. You will learn how to enter text, correct typing errors, change font, and other word processing skills.   Most skills learned in this class can be transferred to older versions of Microsoft Word. This class is for the computer user with typing and mouse skills.

Word 2010:  Beginning Skills 2,  Thursday, 10/9 at 9:30 AM          

This class builds on the skills learned in Beginning Microsoft Word, giving you more hands-on practice.   You will learn to use the Office Clipboard, adjust line spacing and margins, make other editing changes to documents before printing, and to print envelopes and labels.   Prerequisite: Microsoft Word 2010 Beginning Skills 1 and mouse skills


Saving and Organizing Computer Files, Thursday 10/30 at 9:30 AM         

This class will teach you how to save files such as documents you have created on your computer and how to organize files in folders.  You will learn how to rename files, create folders, move files, and use removable media to save copies of your files or folders.


Astronomy Program at Library on Friday

Star Tour 2014 is making a stop at the library Friday, September 26th at 12:00 PM.  Kevin Manning, a well known astronomer and author and former consultant to NASA will present the program titled: Astronomy for Everyone-Size and Scale of the Universe.  The library is funding this program so it can be free to the public.  Mr. Manning will take us on an exploration of the universe considering the very small to the very large.  Please call the library to reserve a seat at this program.  This is a program for the entire family so will be of interest to families who home school their children.

Mr. Manning will also present a different program at the Lincoln County Historical Museum that evening at 7:00 PM.

Eat at Runza on Tuesday, Sept 16 and Benefit the Library

It’s a win-win situation when you can help the library buy children’s books without spending more money than you usually would when eating out.  You can do just that next Tuesday.   Buy a Runza, ice cream cone, hamburger or any of your other favorite foods at either Runza in North Platte and the restaurant will GBGKLogo12th resizeddonate money from your purchase to the library.  It might not seem like much but over an entire day of sales, it adds up to big dollars!

On Tuesday, September 16th, Runza Restaurants will conduct the 12th Annual Great Books for Great Kids fundraiser.  The funds will benefit the North Platte Public Library by helping to purchase children’s books.

Last year, over $40,000 was raised to benefit children in communities with Runza locations and in the last eleven years, over $315,000 has been donated.  The library encourages everyone to support the library by eating at Runza that day. Runza will donate 15% of all sales at both Runza locations in North Platte to the library. Runza Restaurants has been a longtime supporter of reading.  “Reading is vital to lifelong success and provides an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together,” stated Becky Perrett, Director of Marketing for Runza National.  “Donating funds for books and promoting literacy is an important endeavor for children and the community.”

Mitzi Mueller, children’s librarian at the North Platte Public Library, stated that “With the price of books increasing, a big thank you goes to Runza for their support.  Last year the library received over $1,000 from the two local Runzas.   A book plate is placed in books purchased with Runza funds.  Considering the number of years this program has been in existence, the community has many books to thank Runza for.  The library is able to make selections appropriate for their specific collection with the money contributed.   We always look forward to supporting Runza and receiving money for new books!”

Computer Skills Classes Resume September 11

Our beginning computer classes start again on Thursday, September 11th.   We start at the very beginning, assuming this is the first time someone may have used a computer but the classes are also good as refresher courses for people who have used a computer for awhile.  In October, we will move on to Microsoft Word classes followed by Microsoft Excel in November.  Microsoft topics are broken down into several separate classes and we recommend you take all of them.  These classes give people hands on time with a computer and demonstrate skills needed both at home and in the workplace.   Obviously they don’t cover everything like a semester college class but give people a very good start in using the programs.

Classes will meet in our downstairs meeting room using Windows 7 laptop computers  Each 2-hr class will cost $10.00 per person and includes a take-home handout.  Class size is limited to 10 people.  Schedule is below.  Pre-registration and payment is required.  Please call the library to register.  Classes begin at 9:30 AM on Thursdays as scheduled below:

Sept. 11: Computer Fundamentals: This introductory class will get you familiar with computers, using the mouse and keyboard, basic terminology, shutting down your computer correctly and more.

Sept. 18: Working in Windows: Learning to use the Windows operating system, understanding its basic features, opening programs, and creating a simple document with WordPad and saving it on the computer are the focus of this class.

Sept. 25: Beginning Internet: Exploring the World Wide Web, basic searching and learning the features of Internet browsers will be addressed in this class.


Tech Thursdays for September

Have you borrowed an eBook through our library yet?  Have you explored the city’s updated website?  September’s Tech Thursday sessions will walk you through using the websites.  One session will demonstrate the Overdrive Media Console app for mobile devices.  Tech Thursdays are free and informal sessions taught by library staff on Thursdays at 1:30 PM.

No registration required.  Sessions last about 1 hour.


September Sessions:

Sept. 4: Nebraska Overdrive-Using the website to borrow ebooks and audiobooks.  People with North Platte Public library cards have access to Nebraska Overdrive Libraries to borrow books for free.

Sept. 11:  Using the City of North Platte’s website-Learn the features and online services of the new website at this session

Sept. 18:  Nebraska Overdrive-Get the app and start borrowing books-People with library cards and smart phones, Kindle Fires, iPads and other tablets can use this app to borrow ebooks and audiobooks

Sept. 25:  Nebraska Overdrive and Kindle Books-Library card holders with basic Kindles and Kindle Paperwhites will learn to borrow free books at this session.