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August 25th Noon Program on Unique Cemetery Stones

Picture1Boni has had a love of cemeteries her entire life, beginning at a very young age decorating graves at Memorial Day with her grandparents. Gravestones hundreds of years old intrigued her on a couple of trips to England and Scotland through a 4-H exchange program after she graduated from high school. Her son, Aaron Edwards, helped restore a couple of pioneer cemeteries in Frontier County for a boy scout community service project and his Eagle Scout Project. Combined with her love of photography Boni thought she could photograph every cemetery in the state of Nebraska! That was becoming an overwhelming task. At a “cemetery tour” a couple of years ago at the North Platte Cemetery, one of the “tree gravestones” caught her eye and she decided to concentrate on those. With a little research Boni has found out that some of those stones are Woodmen of the World markers and some are simply tree stones.

Boni shares many of her photos with friends and family on facebook as well as on a page called Tombstone Tourism of Nebraska where people share many cemetery and gravestone pictures with each other. Most people who explore cemeteries all across the state now know to take pictures of the treestones they find to share with her! Her love of cemeteries as taken her across the state to many pioneer cemeteries. Finding them in disrepair breaks her heart and she finds ways to get them back into shape! Facebook pleas and calls to family and friends has resulted in restoration of gravestones and fences in two pioneer cemeteries in Frontier County this summer.

For the brown bag program at the library Library, Boni will be sharing photos of treestones she had found in Lincoln County and other nearby cemeteries as well as some unusual ones she has found across the state. She will talk a little about Woodman of the World and share some information on symbolism she has found on these beautiful and unique stones.

Attention Scrabble Players

Scrabble Fun on Wednesday, August 10th:
scrabbleDo you enjoy Scrabble but no one to play a game with? Join us for an informal Scrabble Game, starting at 10:30 AM in the library’s meeting room on Wednesday, August 10th. We will match people for tables of 2 or 4 in a game and play until noon. Call 535-8036, extension 3331, and leave a message to sign up.

Paperback Book Sale @ Your Library

The Friends of the Library received thousands of paperback books from a book store in another community.  This public two-day sale will be August 12-13th, and will be conducted differently from previous book sales.  On Friday from 9 to 6 PM, and Saturday morning, 9-12, all books will cost 50 cents each. Then the book sale will close for one hour, reopening at 1 PM on Saturday, when books will be 10 cents each until the sale closes at 5 PM.  Come in and find some bargains; all profits will benefit future library improvements and special programming.book sale

It’s the Little Things: Fitness @ Your Library

exercisespot2_isolated copyTrudy Merrit of the North Platte Recreation Center is teaming with the North Platte Public library to present fitness information programs. “It’s the Little Things” will be held at 12:00 PM on Thursday, July 28th in the library’s meeting room.  This free program is open to the public.  If possible, call the library ahead at 535-8036, ext. 3310, so they set up appropriate seating.  Attendees are welcome to bring a lunch; the library will provided iced tea and water.

Trudy describes her program this way: ” Physical activity, even a little bit, helps create a healthier you. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to reap the benefits of physical movement. This session will teach you simple exercises that you can do at home, without special equipment or training. These exercises will be very low impact, with minimal stress on joints. Our bodies respond in a positive way to even the simplest exercise, so wear comfortable clothes and join in the fitness and fun!

Her first program on Fitness apps was very informative, so don’t miss this one!


North Platte Graduate to talk about WWII Japanese Internment Camp

helen ChristHelen Harano Christ will be the next speaker at the North Platte Public Library’s Brown Bag Program series.  Her program, “Legacy”, will be at 12:00 PM on Friday, July 22nd.

Helen, a North Platte graduate, will speak on her book about her family’s forced relocation to an internment camp in Utah during WWI. She wrote this book hoping to give readers a feeling for what it was like to live as a Japanese in America during the years previous to Pearl Harbor and during the evacuation. Helen will be in town for her high school class reunion and was asked by her classmates to share her story.

In researching this topic, I found a video interview of Helen that was done as an oral history in 2008.  Click on the links below to access the two parts of this interview.

Part 1  and Part 2

The program is open to all. Attendees are encouraged to call the library for seat reservations, if they haven’t done so through the reunion group. This helps the library plan seating. Please call 535-8036, Ext. 3310.

Attendees are welcome to bring a sack lunch.  The library will provided iced tea and water.


There’s an App for That: Noon Program on July 14th

Slogan copy

Trudy Merrit of the North Platte Recreation Center is teaming up with the North Platte Public Library to present brown bag programs on fitness as part of the library’s Adult Summer Reading Program, “Exercise Your Mind: Read.” “There’s an App for That” will be at the library at 12:00 PM, Thursday, July 14th.


Trudy describes her program in this way:

Trying to navigate the world of wearable fitness devices and fitness apps?  We do the research for you!  This session will help you understand the role of technology in making healthy choices.  Whether you are trying to solve the mysteries of your wearable fitness device or trying to find a fitness app that really helps you toward your goals, this session will provide a primer for integrating technology and fitness.  Topics will include electronic fitness journals, wearable fitness devices and the top rated fitness apps for your mobile device.


This program is free to the public.  Please call 535-8036, Ext. 3310 to reserve a seat, if possible, but last minute attendees are also welcome.  The library will provide iced tea and water.  Attendees are welcome to bring a lunch.

Alliance Author to Give Noon Program on June 30th

 J.A. Griffen, Nebraska Author will be the speaker at the next Brown Bag Luncheon Series at 12:00 PM, Thursday, June 30th.   The library will furnish iced tea and water; attendees are welcome to bring a sack lunch.  Please call the library at 535-8036, Ext. 3310 to resrve your seat for this free program.

Many of us wish we knew the stories of our ancestors; why they came to settle where they did, what was their life like before and many other questions float through our minds.  This author decided to find out these kind of answers and started to research and write his findings in book form.

 This Alliance author’s book, Coming to Zion is the story of the spiritual and personal journey of Jesse Griffen, and exemplifies the experience of so many American pioneers.  J. A. Griffen has a passion for the story of his native Nebraska, particularly during the Territorial era.

Following our adult summer reading theme of “Exercise Your Mind: Read!”, the author is going to talk about  the effect that reading and the accessibility of books and education made on the ability of his ancestor and other young people in a small English village to overcome the obstacles that they had in life. One of the things that characterized the village where his book is set, is that these people actually had access to a good library. The vicar in that village had collected books and established this library for the good of his people. Through “exercising their minds,” a remarkable number of their young people made a great effect on their world.

J.A. Griffen (pen name) was born in Omaha, and grew up around Tekamah, in northeast Nebraska. He started writing stories when he was in second grade, and began writing this book at eleven years of age. As a boy he was his school’s representative at the Nebraska Young Author’s Conference.  His degrees are from Emmaus Bible College and Asbury Seminary.

In the course of research for this book he combed archives all the way from the British Library to Salt Lake City. In 2009 he chose to experience his own pioneer journey walking across Iowa pulling a handcart, a trek spanning 260 miles over 27 days.

The Alliance Times Herald recently wrote a detailed article about this author’s experiences.  Click here to read that article.


Weapons of WWI Program on June 2nd

WW1Dan Sheesley will present the last of our WWI noon programs at 12:00 PM on Thursday, June 2nd in the library’s meeting room.  With these programs, we have tried to give the public some background on WWI which is the time period selected for this June’s Chautauqua event in North Platte June 8-12th.  This program is free to the public but we appreciate attendees calling to reserve a seat so we can arrange the room appropriately.  Call the library at 535-8036, Ext. 3310.

Dan, a local retired teacher,  will speak on the causes of WWI, contrasting it to WWII. This was the first war in which each country’s air force was active; how important was the role of air warfare and also of naval warfare in this war?   He will also discuss the reasons behind trench warfare.   Dan plans to bring in a variety of WWI rifles and pistols from his collection to show.


Chautauqua Book Discussion at library on May 28th

Join North Platte Public Library Director Cecelia Lawrence for a book discussion on The Long Shadow: Legacies of the Great War in the Twentieth Century on Saturday, May 28th at 1:00 PM. This book is one of the recommended reads for the upcoming Chautauqua.

The publisher’s website stated: It was the winner of the 2014 PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize for the Best Work of History. “If you only read one book about the First World War in this anniversary year, read The Long Shadow. David Reynolds writes superbly and his analysis is compelling and original.” —Anne Chisolm, Chair of the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize Committee, and Chair of the Royal Society of Literature.

Copies of this book are available to checkout at the  library. Just check out the book and come discuss it over coffee and a sweet treat!!

WWI Humanities Nebraska Program Thursday, May 19

1915 Song 

David Wells  will present “America and the Great War: 1914-1918” at 12:00 PM, Thursday, May 19th at the North Platte Public Library.  This presentation is made possible by Humanities Nebraska, the Nebraska cultural Endowment and the library as part of the HN Speakers Bureau.   This program is free to the public but seat reservations should be made by calling the library at 535-8036, Ext. 3310.  Attendees may bring their own bag lunches.

The role of America in “the war to end all wars” is misunderstood. Most people think only of the 1917-18 period when U.S. soldiers marched off to save the world, not realizing that from 1914-17 the nation was opposed to the war. Songs of the period show the changing attitude of the American public, from neutrality to anti-war sentiments to entry in the war and the ultimate defeat of Germany. World War II and the Cold War make more sense when you understand what happened between 1914-18. Wells features a special section of patriotic songs written by Nebraskans from Chadron to Omaha. A 45-minute slide program and a large display of sheet music are included.

This program is one of approximately 300 programs offered through the Humanities Nebraska Speakers Bureau.  More than 165 available speakers include scholars, writers, musicians, storytellers and folklorists speaking on a range of topics.  Speakers are available to any non-profit organization in Nebraska.

The library selected this program to tie in with the upcoming Chautauqua in June, also part of the Nebraska Humanities programming.