July 2016 Update @ your Library

20160725_162131Hello everyone, I hope this past month you all survived the heat!  I think we are all looking forward to cooler days.  With School about to start your library has been blessed with a book grant from the Pilcrow Foundation.  We were gifted with over 88 new books. We hope you will come in and check them out!  Every book has been marked with the Accelerated Reader Points your kids will need for school.  We all worked hard to meet the dollar amount the Pilcrow Foundation requested as our part of the grant at our Sloppy Joe stand during the Friday night game of the Pioneer Day’s Celebration.  Thank you for all your support!!

The Library now has a new Digital service. We are happy to provide this service to the community.  What that means is if you have some VHS tapes or cassettes you would like converted to DVD we can now do that for you.  If you want to provide your own DVD the cost would be $5.00, if you would like the library to provide a DVD & case the cost would be $8.00.  If you have any questions please feel free to call 308-285-3525 or email us at palisade.library@gmail.com.

The library’s computers have all been updated with privacy protection, so we would like you to know when you use the library computers all your privacy needs are met.  Once your done you can restart the computer and all your information will be removed.
Hope we see you soon!