The Auld Public Library was a gift  to the City of Red Cloud by W.T. Auld. The doors formally opened to the public in March 1918.

For nearly a century, the library has adhered to its mission, which is to provide the community with popular and classic reading materials, accurage reference works, current information, and other services.

The Auld Public Library strives to provide materials that will promote opportunities for everyone to become more educated and informed by providing equal access to information. This library serves all ages, encourages life long reading, serves as an educational tool and supports the free exchange of ideas.

Join us at the Auld Public Library, with over 10,000 books, movies, audio books, magazines, wireless internet access, and cake pans, you are sure to find many items of interest. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we also offer an inter-library loan service.

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