Mission and General Library Policy

Scribner Public Library’s Mission Statement

The Scribner Public Library is committed to provide its citizens with benefits of learning and enjoyment through its collections in a variety of formats, a competent and skilled staff dedicated to help its patrons meet their personal and educational needs and a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment where its collections, technology and staff are readily available.

Accepted April 4, 2005



The Board of Trustees is made up of five members, serving varied terms as described by the City of Scribner. (See By-Laws of the Board of Trustees –Scribner Public Library.)


The Board of Trustees shall select the library director. The library director with the approval of the Board of Trustees shall select all other employees and staff.

The staff and board members shall receive expenses for attendance at professional meetings and workshops.

State and National Association dues shall be paid for the board and librarians.


Library Cards

Patrons of the Scribner Public Library need to have a library card on file. All information, including mailing and street address and phone number must be available in order to receive a library card. One form of documentation of this information is required when obtaining a library card. Acceptable documentation would include a valid driver’s license, state id or a piece of mail from state/federal government or billing company i.e. not “junk” mail. Upon applying for a library card, the patron assumes responsibility for all materials checked out using his/her card, as well as, any fines or fees accumulated. Patrons should notify the library of any address or name changes associated with their card. Library cards will be issued for a period of 3 years, at which time the patron must be present to verify all information and renew the card.

Minors (under 17 years of age) will be issued a card without identification; however, he/she must submit a completed Youth Library Card application form with parent/legal guardian signature. By signing the form the parent/legal guardian accepts responsibility for any lost/damaged items and any resulting fees or fines. The signee also acknowledges that neither library staff nor trustees monitor or restrict the materials selected for use by minors, and it is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to restrict their children—and only their children—from borrowing specific library materials.

Loan Periods

All items are circulated for two weeks with the exceptions of reference, certain historical books, circulating reference, DVDs and videos. Non-circulating reference, CD-ROMs, and non-circulating historical books shall be used only in the library.  Circulating reference and DVDs shall be circulated for one (1) week.  Circulating reference, DVDs and videos may not be renewed.  All other circulating materials may be renewed once, with the exception of items with reserve lists. Interlibrary loan material shall be checked out to the most convenient date to provide for the return of such material.

Loan Limits

Each cardholder may have 10 items with any combination of format checked out at any one time, but shall not exceed the loan limit for a specific format. Exceptions will be determined by the library director and/or assistant librarian.

Books (including new fiction): 10 items per card

DVDs:                                         5 items per card

Magazines:                                  5 items per card

Audiobooks:                             10 items per card

Approved 10/16/2012

Effective 01/01/2013


No personal information concerning a cardholder may be given to any other person without a subpoena from a duly authorized judge.

No information concerning materials borrowed by a cardholder may be given to any third person with a subpoena from a duly authorized judge. Exception may be made for a guarantor of a juvenile with proper identification.


The library will be open a minimum of 33 hours per week. The library will be closed the holidays of New Years, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th,  Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, and other times when hours would not be appropriate or necessary.


Service charges will be made for notification of overdue materials according to the following table: 1st notice (1 week)….$1.00

2nd notice (2 weeks)….$3.00

3rd notice (3 weeks)….$5.00


After three notices, a letter shall be sent stating their legal obligations including any fines according to city statues. At this time the matter may be turned over to the city for collection.

Fines for damaged books will be as follows:

Total damage Total price

Pages missing or completely torn Total price

Spine torn Re-binding cost

Scribbles on cover or pages $.50

Torn but repairable pages $.05 – .50


Fees shall be assessed at the discretion of the librarian

Videotapes and DVDs

Fees shall be assessed at the discretion of the librarian


See Internet Policy, Guidelines and Safety Plan


Fees of $2.00 per request shall be made for interlibrary loan. This shall be paid when the item is received.


The staff shall make deliveries to anyone requesting delivery of material. The staff will also assist patrons who require help due to disabilities with any assistance necessary. This includes doing online searching.


The staff shall be encouraged to take advantage of continuing education opportunities, in classroom, online or teleconferences. Tuition, mileage and any other expenses shall be reimbursed. All staff shall also be encouraged to be certified and take Basic Skills Courses.


The librarian shall maintain a column in the Hooper-Scribner Rustler-Sentinel in order to publicize the library’s activities. The librarians shall also use public service announcements on both KWPN and KHUB when deemed necessary. The library will also work with the school in any way possible. The trustees will also be informed as to all library programs so as to give an accurate image of the library at all times.


The Scribner Public Library welcomes people of all races, ethnic and religious groups, and of all ages as patrons.

However, certain behavior is expected of all patrons. While a very quiet atmosphere has never prevailed nor been desired, a certain degree of quiet is required especially when people are studying or reading.

Rude behavior, pushing, shoving, arguing is not acceptable and those engaging in such behavior shall be warned once and then shall be asked to leave.

Loitering in the Scribner Public Library is not acceptable and those engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave.


An evaluation of the library’s operation and policy should be annually and revised as needed. An annual report shall be compiled and distributed each year.

Accepted June 4, 1996

Revised January 31, 2006

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