Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week

The week of September 26th is Banned Books Week. This event is sponsored by the American Library Association, who keeps a record of all reported challenges and bans.

So what is a banned book? This term is used to describe books that have either been challenged or removed from public libraries, school libraries, or school curriculum. These books are often described as offensive or inappropriate for a multitude of reasons.

It is the opinion of the library community that attempting to ban books is a form of censorship and is not acceptable under the First Amendment. Tekamah Public Library adheres to the Library Bill of Rights, which is outlined by the American Library Association. We believe that all patrons should have access to a variety of ideas, viewpoints, and knowledge, including those that some may find offensive or distasteful.

This year, we have a display of 7 books that are on the Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2020. However, we have many titles that have been challenged or banned over the years. We encourage patrons to check out these controversial books in an effort to combat censorship.

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