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In 2011, Valparaiso Public Library joined the Pioneer Consortium. As of October 25, 2011, we are LIVE online with our Pioneer Koha Catalog. Click the link below or the”CATALOG Valparaiso Public Library” link in the far right column and you will be there. Directions about using the catalog are on that page. It’s easy and fun, with features you asked for.

Here’s the link:

Val’s Call Number System
Whether you are searching online or in the library, knowing how our call number system works will be helpful to you. The call numbers tell you the type of book or other item, whether it’s intended for young readers or adults, and where it is in the library.

Here’s how the call numbers work. A “word” in the call number ENDS with a blank space. The call number may contain up to 4 words. The FIRST word may include 2 to 4 “syllables,” each connected by a dash.

If the first word includes the syllable E (usually the first syllable), the item is for children who are pre-readers through grade 3 reading level.

The syllable EJ denotes materials for children grades 3-4 reading level.

The syllable J denotes materials for children grades 4-7 reading level.

Other materials are intended for adult level readers. Materials intended for young adults are labeled and shelved like those for adults.

In the main room on the first floor, you’ll find the adult fiction, poetry, drama, biography, and humor, including large print materials; Heritage materials; reference materials for adults and for children; biographies, drama, and poetry intended for EJ and J reading levels; nonfiction which both adults and children enjoy; and all audio and video materials.  Ask at the librarian’s desk for all games and toys.

The children’s room, which is on the first floor, contains all the “E” and “EJ” materials except those already mentioned.

The Young Readers room, also on the first floor, contains all the “J” materials except those already mentioned.

The rest of the nonfiction items are in the basement. If you find it difficult to use the stairs to the basement, the librarian will retrieve materials for you.

All our materials are available for loan to our patrons except those labeled REF (reference) and some Heritage items.

The chart below shows how to “read” the call numbers.

Type of material 1st “Word” 2nd “Word” 3rd “Word” 4th “Word” Sample Call Number
Audio material ACA Author abbrev ACA WIL
Video material AVI Title abbrev ACA MOUSE
Biography, adult BIO Subject name Author abbrev BIO FRANKLIN CAM
Drama, adult D Author abbrev D SHA
Fits no other E category E Author abbrev E BAU
E biography E-BIO Subject name Author abbrev E-BIO WASHINGTON WIL
E drama or play E-D Author abbrev E-D SHA
E fiction E-FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# E-FIC THO mystery Horse#1
E nonfiction E-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev E-580 Plants YAR
E poetry E-P Author abbrev E-P DIC
E toy or game E-TOY Name E-TOY JUMPROPE
Fits no other EJ category EJ Author abbrev EJ THO
EJ biography EJ-BIO Subject name Author abbrev EJ-BIO WASHINGTON WIL
EJ fiction EJ-FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# EJ-FIC THO mystery Horse#1
EJ nonfiction EJ-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev EJ-580 Plants YAR
EJ poetry EJ-P Author abbrev EJ-P DON
EJ reference book EJ-REF Dewey # Subject Author abbrev EJ-REF 580 Plants YAR
EJ toy or game EJ-TOY Name EJ-TOY JUMPROPE
Adult fiction FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# FIC THO mystery Horse#1
Fits no other Heritage category HERITAGE Subject Author abbrev HERITAGE Gumbo WIL
Heritage biography HERITAGE-BIO Subject name Author abbrev HERITAGE-BIO WASHINGTON WIL
Heritage drama HERITAGE-D Author abbrev HERITAGE-D KLO
Heritage fiction HERITAGE-FIC Author abbrev Genre (if app) Serialname# HERITAGE-FIC CAT
Heritage J fiction HERITAGE-J-FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# HERITAGE-J-FIC THO mystery Horse#1
Heritage non-fiction HERITAGE-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev HERITAGE-580 Plants YAR
Heritage poetry HERITAGE-P Author abbrev HERITAGE-P KLO
Heritage reference HERITAGE-REF Dewey # Subject Author abbrev HERITAGE-REF 580 Plants YAR
Heritage local HERITAGE-VAL Subject Author abbrev HERITAGE-VAL Newspaper PTO
J fits no other category J Author abbrev J SMI
J biography J-BIO Subject name Author abbrev J-BIO WASHINGTON WIL
J drama or play J-D Author abbrev J-D SHA
J fiction J-FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# J-FIC THO mystery Horse#1
J nonfiction J-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev J-580 Plants YAR
J poetry J-P Author abbrev J-P DON
J reference J-REF Dewey # Subject Author abbrev J-REF 580 Plants YAR
J toy or game J-TOY Name J-TOY JUMPROPE
LP biography LP-BIO Subject name Author abbrev LP-BIO WASHINGTON WIL
LP fiction LP-FIC Author abbrev genre Serialname# LP-FIC BRO romance Texas#1
LP nonfiction LP-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev LP-580 Plants YAR
Adult nonfiction DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev 580 Plants YAR
Adult poetry P Author abbrev P DON
Adult reference REF-DEWEY# Subject Author abbrev REF-580 Plants YAR


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